Upgraded GPU, Poor FPS on Warband

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Ey up all, i recently upgraded my GPU from an AMD 7970 to a Nvidia 1070, sadly this upgrade now prevents me playing warband as the FPS is too poor to be playable,
Having looked this problem up it appears to be that the game does not recognise my GPU and instead runs on the integrated graphics card.
My specs are as follows:

- GPU - Nvidia 1070
- CPU- 6600K
- RAM - 16Gb Corsair DDR4
The game is also installed on an SSD.

I have been unable to find a fix for a modern GPU, the older GPUs required a rollback to a driver which was released in 2012 obviously not possible for me.
Anyone know of a solution? as changing my graphics card out every time i want to warband is going to be a pain!


I had the same problem. It seems that for me this was a problem with Nvidia not being able to recognize the game. To get everything to work I disabled my onboard integrated gpu in the bios (so it would stop using it by default) and I always set my prioritization in the taskmanager to high. I'm not entirely sure what's going on but these things worked for me. Make sure if you do this to re apply the prioritization each time you launch and only after the game is fully loaded. :smile:
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