Updating formation AI in an older mod

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Recently I have been playing several mods. For example, Cadmus Floris and A New Dawn.
I have noticed much poorer performance in AND compared to CF, I would bet my hands that it is due to the worse optimization of the formation AI present in both mods.
AND was updated last around 2015 while CF was updated around 2018.
All other settings are set the same, including battle size.
I have tried searching the web but nothing pops up when typing something like "Formation AI optimization".
Would making the Formations AI a bit more lightweight/newer even be feasible/possible? Or is that something so intertwined with other things that you can forget about it?
Some mods run worse than others because of mistakes in scripting (such as loops within loops) which have their impact on overall performance and user's experience of gameplay. You can fix such issues if you know how and have access to the mods' source code (if not, you may try decompiling them, but that is a difficult task).
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