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OSP Oriental 3D Art Update to Indo-Persian Armory

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Hi all, I've updated my offering of Indo-Persian weapons, shields and armor. You can find the new file here https://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2383

The pack now includes:
  • 97 Indo-Persian armors (mail, mail and plate, padded, and lamellar)
  • 160 Indo-Persian helmets (with a few turbans and Portuguese cabassets in the mix)
  • 90 Indo-Persian shields
  • tulwars and shamshirs
  • khandas
  • sosun pattas
  • tabars
  • bullovas (those crazy mustache-blade axes!)
  • gadas and other maces
  • zaghnals
  • bhuj
  • katars, khanjar, kard, chilanum daggers - used for court wear
  • 7 Indo-Persian and Afghan muskets
  • 3 adarga shields (for the Portuguese)
  • 10 Renaissance style hats
  • 5 Renaissance style doublets
  • map icons for 2 styles of Indian city
  • gazelle, chital deer and nilgai meshes
As much as possible I used the Indian names for the weapons and armor, and based most models/textures on photographs of historical items and museum replicas. However, I can't guarantee historical accuracy for all of them, particularly the South Indian stuff. For those, since pictorial references were really scant, I resorted to basing some models off statues and Indian movies :smile:










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Wow! Thank you for your amazing work over the years! Not only models of less explored civilizations, but a lot of them, too.
EDIT: Also, it gladdens me that you used the MBRepository. I have a fondness for this site and for its relative clarity and efficiency in organizing mod content.
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