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will mexxico leave us a parting gift for august 1st or shall wait get the update soon?

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53 days from last update and still counting , at this point i will not be surprised if it will be released in late august.
(at least an update that will contain some major features , not only balance changes, bug fixes and 1-2 pieces of armor introduction)
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Sometime before the rise of the sons of Aryas but probably after the ocean drank Atlantis.
And unto this, us the players, destined to wear the glitching crown of Battania upon a troubled brow.
It is I, a guy who cannot hit a barn with a couched lance, who alone can tell you this joke.
Let me tell you the days of low adventure!


Disclaimer for people with absolutely 0 sense of satire:
This isn't a real TW quote :xf-smile:
"We're happy with how the game is in its current state and will release it soon™, though we're unsure exactly when! However, we will drop all plans regarding mod support and all multiplayer servers will be shut down. Mod support will be dropped due to limitations for consoles, and multiplayer since it doesn't fit our vision of Bannerlord being ported also for mobile platforms!"
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