Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

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Well, Total War: Troy will be an Epic exclusive title and free to claim within the first 24 hours.

That was unexpected.


Either creative assembly is doing some 5D quantum underwater chess, or the game is terrible and they're trying to flog it off to deter backlash. Given the total lack of promotional material since the lacklustre announcement, It's kinda felt like this was a failure from the start and they just wanted it off their hands.

This is a real shock though. I'm really tempted to get it now just out of morbid curiosity.
Rome 2's release was only fun for those that didn't buy the game at release, like me.

Meanwhile, Empire released in a far worse shape and still hasn't been fixed.


Summer in Mara ❤❤❤ it's releasing the day before my birthday and I adored Deiland. This'll be my treat to myself, though I don't know how much I'll actually get to play because my bf is getting me RDR2 😍 I heard that's quite some time consuming fun.
Me waiting for news of Elden Ring

This seems to confirm a lot of speculation about Troy:
TL;DR: Lack of vision and direction, B team, terrible UI, unbalanced and the Epic deal is there to make their money back and try to avoid backlash.


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With the millions they've been paid by Epic, they'd better start working right away on a medieval 3 (with a world campaign map like Eras Total Conquest) that pushes the franchise back on track. I don't even want as gift.



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It's baffling, they've been making basically the same game for 20 years, how didn't they see that this was a terrible idea from the start?
CA are the most incompetent bumbling idiots of a video games development studio. Carried forward only by the sheer inertia of internet nerds hungry for a type of game no one else is willing to make.

I was excited for this **** game. Now it's not even worth my time logging into my EG account to claim it.
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