Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

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Harry Potter is the most boring thing ever. I do wonder if the game will **** on the HP universe in a similar fashion Shadow of Mordor/War did with LOTR though.
Kentucky James said:
Harry Potter is a setting designed specifically for the self-inserts of middle class 10-year-old nerds. Nothing they could do to bastardise the franchise would come close to what the average fan does.
Yup! Everything about it is designed to entice teens & preteens. Familiar setting (high school), relatable teenager stereotypes (angsty, nerdy, lazy), familiar conflicts and challenges (bullying, academics). If it wasn't for "ooo magic" it would be in the slice of life genre. :lol:

TheFlyingFishy said:

I'm ****ing diverting blood from my brain to keep me fully erect until the 9th.
Now you've got me all excited. Good to know it's free if you have XCOM2+WotC already.
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