Unresolved Unwanted Companion

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I failed to complete a family feud quest in time and now the person under my protection is assigned as a companion. He just slows my party down and acts as dead weight. Is there any way I can remove him?


Should be able to click on him in your party list and an option to talk to him would appear in the same area where you can click the button to recruit a prisoner. Then once you talk to him tell him your services are no longer needed, like as you can do with a companion that you want.
This also happened to me and when I talked to him to dismiss him, the dialogue went fine but then he remained in my party. And now there is not an option to talk to him.

I also tried getting him killed in battle but it just brings him to 1%


Go to Clan Menu -> members -> select the companion you want to kick -> kick from clan. This worked for me also for those companion stucked for a bug in a mission forever.
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