Unused siege fights in towns.

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This has been mentioned in other threads but needs its own thread.

We see in towns during sieges that there must be plans for retreating battles. Me i would love it. Especially when defending.
Someone has laid lots of work creating it. But it´s not in use! Future plans i hope.

Ai defenders just run to the walls. It´s predictable. Too easy. Once one get a foothold on the wall one win. It ends just with a fights next to the spawn points.
In the field battles i do notice different behaviour with the enemy. But not in sieges. They should abandon the walls and take the fight in the streets. Having a shield wall in the chokepoints with archers on the roofs.
Towns with a outer defence line.
Ai should stand on the wall waiting when one attack. Not coming in position when the attacker has reached to protection. Atleast the archers should be inplace.

I wish so much with sieges. That one could use ropes with hooks. That ballista used in the Vikings series in Paris that shoot 20+ javelins. Boiling oil!
It's morel likely they reduce the inside of the scenes then to make them used by the AI. I noticed some towns siege maps have become much smaller inside, omitting the large open rear areas.
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