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After many hours of playing Bannerlord, I decided to play with imperial units only, and to my deep regret I noticed that high-level units do not throw the pilums that they have. Because of this, all desire to play further disappeared.

I don't know why the pilums were made into polearms and not throwables as they used to be.

If you don't want to make pilum throwable weapon, then add a second pilum. Make one pilum a polearm weapon, the second - a throwing weapon, in which case several options can be considered:
1) give high-level infantry throwing pilums
2) give throwing pilums to the Menavliatons, and polearm pilums to the legionaries.
3) 50% legionaries get polearms, 50% get throwing pilums (Menavliatons 100% throwing).
4) Legionaries have both variants of pilums ...

Also IRL we really did have a few types of pilum in Rome.

I really feel sorry for the Menavliatons, they always have a pilum hanging behind their backs, but they do not use them under any circumstances, this is wrong.

P.S. Special thanks to TeenBrunette for solving this problem (here). But we still are waiting for the official fix.
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