Unresolved Unstable ping in EU servers

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My ping is extremely unstable in EU servers and seems to be following a circadian cycle, which makes me think it might be affected by the number of players connected to your servers.
I live in southern Spain and have 50 Mb/s wired connection. My ping in Warband has always been stable (35-45) in French servers, 45-55 in German and Amsterdam ones.

When I play Bannerlord in the morning, the ping is quite normal, oscillating between 45 and 55. In the afternoon it increases to 70-90 and in the evening it becomes completely unplayable with +130. I simultaneously checked my connection in other software I normally use like Discord and TS3 and the connection was totally fine there. Ping in Warband keeps being normal at the same time in CUSTOM EU servers (roughly 40-55).

I don't know what's wrong with official servers but they clearly need to be improved. Besides my personal high ping, many many players with normal ping are complaining about lags all the time. It's **** that Multiplayer is unplayable for me right now for reasons I cannot control. Fix your servers, please, otherwise let better custom servers be a thing.

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