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Summary:Basically game tanks performance in respect to cpu and ram usage but mainly ram, here are some differences between 3 times back to back results with ram usage(its atrocious).Fyi ram usage only goes up regardless of graphical options you choose.



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Computer Specs:Tulpar T7 22.1 Gaming Laptop
OS:Windows 10 Pro (Build 19042)
GPU:Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU 6 Gb
GPU Driver Version:466.11
CPU:Intel i7-10870h 8 cores
RAM:32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 1.2V 2933MHz SODIMM
Storage Device (HDD/SSD):512GB SAMSUNG PM991 M.2 SATA NVME SSD

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We have a special performance build to check for these issues by collecting telemetry data. Can you switch to that build, test your performance and send us your data?
  1. Switch to “perf_test” from the Steam betas tab. You can find more info about it here.
  2. Open the game as usual and proceed to the stage where you are experiencing performance issues.
  3. Before the performance issues start, toggle the profiling tool by holding the “right shift” and pressing the “T” key.
  4. Record for 20-30 seconds, press the toggle key combination again. Please keep in mind that, the more you record, the more upload time it will require.
  5. Find the "test.tmcap" file in the "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client" folder. You can find the "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord" folder inside Steam’s application library folder.
  6. Finally, upload the file to the "" site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. It is appreciated if you provide more information about your PC, what you were doing while the game was recording and your graphics configuration. If the data you are trying to upload is too big or the site fails to upload, you can use an alternative site to upload your data. If you choose to do that please left a reply to this thread with the download link.



Sorry i am just playing this game for 2 hours of my evening i am playing it regularly since the beginning and this issue still going on regardless of any option in the game.Ram usage always goes up, Cpu usage hits 100 percent and if we are lucky intense lag server come upon us.I thought if i get one powerful enough pc i could be able to run it smoothly but it is not the case.SSD is not a solution, high end graphics card is not a solution powerful cpu is not a solution what the hell i am suppose to do in order to play this game stable enough ffs?
Same thing happening to me. It is good to hear it is not an issue related to computer specs but a game issue. I wrote in this link ( about the same issue basically. I am pretty sure they are related. I will upload whatever video you wanted MArdA, but like I said in my comment, this started happening 2-3 patches ago. Everyone is experiencing it. You guys did something wrong on your end, and need to reverse whatever it was. I am not a developer nor a computer programmer so I would not know the technicalities but if a guy with a great PC like Abbakus_86 experiences the same thing as I am, then its something that needs to be addressed asap.
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