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UNAC Survey

Hey folks, I'm conducting a survey to gather some opinions on certain topics related to UNAC. If you want to participate, please fill out the survey and PM me your answers. If you want to fill out the survey, please do it in one of two ways: write the question number followed by the answer OR copy and paste the survey and bold/underline your answer. If you answer Other(Specify), please make your answer as short and concise as possible and note that only common answers or particularly novel answers will be tallied into the survey results.

I'd especially like team captains and co-captains to fill out the survey, but any participant or community member is welcome to fill it out as well.

General Tournament Questions
1. How happy were you with the last tournament (UNAC 2)?
Disappointed    Somewhat Disappointed    Neutral    Somewhat Happy    Happy

2. How happy are you with the current tournament (UNAC 3)?
Disappointed    Somewhat Disappointed    Neutral    Somewhat Happy    Happy

3. Would you prefer a longer or shorter tournament (UNAC 3 is 5 weeks RR, 2 weeks SE - 7 weeks)?
Shorter    No Change    Longer    Much Longer

4. What week system do you prefer?
Monday-Monday    Sunday-Sunday    Wednesday-Wednesday    Don't Care    Other(Specify)

5. What tournament system do you prefer
Round-Robin    Swiss    Single-Elim    Double-Elim    Don't Care    Other(Specify)

6. Do you prefer divisions? If so, what type?
No    Yes-Random    Yes-Split by seeding    Yes-Distributed evenly by seeding    Yes-Other(Specify)

7. How should tournament admins be chosen?
By the creator    By past admins    By team captains    By popular vote    Other(Specify)

8. How should places be evaluated (ignore tiebreaking)?
Match Wins/Loss    Set Win/Loss    Round Win/Loss    Other(Specify)

9. Should there be "playoff" stage (eg. UNAC 3 Single Elim stage)?
No    Don't Care    Yes    Other(Specify)

10. What map system should be used?
Fixed    Tourny-wide-map-pool    Elimination-Map-Pool*    Weekly-Map-Pool    Other(Specify)
*Maps can only be selected once per team per tournament

11. What faction system should be used? (Assume no doubles ie. Nords v. Nords)
Fixed    Free Selection    Free selection-no repeats    Other(Specify)

Match and Round Questions
12. How many sets should there be per match? (ASSUME FACTION SWAPPING)
Two    Four    Other(Specify)    No sets(Describe system, answer "Other" for 11 and 12)

13. How should sets be played? (Where x is a number of rounds)
First-to-X-rounds    Best-of-X-rounds    X-rounds    Other(Specify)

14. How many rounds per set? (What number should X be?)
Please answer with a number or "Other"

15. How long should rounds be (in minutes)?
Please answer with a number. Fractions/Decimals are fine.

16. When should MoTF be forced?
(Specify a time)    Use Native's system    No MoTF

17. How many players playing per side?
7v7    8v8    7v7 or 8v8    Other(Specify)

18. Should teams be forced to drop/not drop to even numbers in the event of a player crashing?
Force teams to match numbers    Do not force either way    Force teams not to drop to match numbers

19. How should map and factions be chosen?
Duel for map and factions  Coinflip for map and factions  Duel for factions  Coinflip for factions  Fixed  Other(specify)

20. How should draws be handled?
Ignore the round    Count the round (if applicable)    Other(Specify)

21. Should non-streamer, non-team-member spectators be allowed?
Yes    Leave it up to the team captains    No    Other(Specify)

22. Which spectator setting should be used?
Free    Lock to Team Member    Lock to team member view    Allow captains to decide match-per-match    Other(Specify)

Map Questions
23. How happy are you with the current map pool?
Disappointed    Somewhat Disappointed    Neutral    Somewhat Happy    Happy

24. What's your attitude about new maps?
Use only TW/TW+ENL maps    No more new maps (keep existing new maps)  Don't Care  More new maps

25. What type of maps are needed for the next NA tournament? (Choose all that apply)
None    Open    Mixed    Closed

26. Do you think new maps should be officially tested before the next tournament?
No    Don't Care    Yes

27. Who should decide what maps are used and their category
Admins    Captains    Popular Vote    Other(Specify)

28. How should maps be categorized?
Open/Closed    Open/Mixed/Closed    COMP-Number (1-6)    Other(Specify)

29. Should there be an official module with all the tournament maps included?
No      Don't Care      Yes

30. Rate the following maps on competitive quality and openess/closedness. Where...
Bad-1 2 3 4 5-Good
Very Closed-1 2 3 4 5 6-Very Open

Legacy Plains
The Farm
Field by the River
New Snowy Village
Reveran Village
Mountain Fortress
Frosty Battle
Fort of Honour
Verloren (Updated version)
Swadian Town
Nord Town
Desert Town
Rock Port
Open Plains
New Port Assault
Sota's Port Assault

Thanks! Initial results will be tallied and posted in a week from now.  Feel free to leave a comment here or in your survey PM.
Most of the stuff has to do with general stuff or stuff that's already set in stone for this tourney--I don't think opinions would change that much. Likewise, we've had two UNACs in the past to build up experiences.

Edit: I've changed slight how I'm going to post the results. Initial results will be posted one week from today, and I will update the results if/when more submissions are received.
11. What faction system should be used? (Assume no doubles ie. Nords v. Nords)
Fixed    Free Selection    Free selection-no repeats    Other(Specify)

Allowing mirrored factions on a tiebreaker map seems most fair, IMO. It ties in with question 10 in that I think it's also best if the tiebreaker is played on an inherently balanced (which is to say, mirrored) map, chosen from a pool of similar maps either as a fixture or on demand.
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