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Hello everyone, we have been working on unofficial bannerlord dedicated server last 7 days. And we recorded a demo video that shows the progress. English subtitle added.




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cool stuff.
any plans where you're going with it?
We are considering to do this dedicated server publicly available and able to used by other modders who want to turn their mods to a multiplayer experience. But we are not sure that we have a permission to do that. Our first priority is getting permissions that indicates its legal.
Does this dedicated server uses singleplayer values or multiplayer values for characters and combat ? Cos for example Bannerlord Online uses singleplayer and combat is terrible there.
We are using the singleplayer side but the reason Bannerlord Online's combat is terrible is because of their netcode. We aim better netcode for combat. And optimization of this netcode is most important thing to us, but we also aim for 400 people so we can disable some random things that Bannerlord haves.

...now you have my attention. Well done guys.

As Varadin says, hopefully you will be able to have full control over these parameters/values and allow a group of vets to provide feedback regarding eventual modifications. Community needs this.
Amazing work! There shouldn't be any problems of Tw shutting it down, because even Bannerlord Online can exist with its absurd monetisation system. But hey, it wouldn't be the first time Tw does something like that.
dang this is amazing i knew modders can make amazing mods but this is whole new functionality, and the combat is so smooth too, i'm gonna watch this progress with great interest

no private servers?
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