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Ideally, the player would be able to customise banners to the same degree as on bannerlord.party
The player would create their complete banner at the beginning of the game, or whenever they choose.
Once they start the game, the only elements present are the main emblem and the background shape, colours of each.
Levelling up clan tiers fills in additional elements from the complete banner.
Although everyone will understand that this is something relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities to be carried out; this can be a nice addition.

I quote from a comment I made some time ago:


And another thing (much less of course) If the game is called Bannerlord why are there so few banner shapes?
It is understandable to opt for a simplification at the design level, giving each faction a color and within each different symbols with the common color of the faction itself.
Keep in mind that there is a editor so that we can design our banner.
It has been simplified in colors and symbols, agree. However, why have the shapes of the banner been simplified?

Banner shapes seen so far:

I would personally add ensigns, emblems and different shapes of banner (historical inspiration-previous study) to each faction to extend the immersion in our playable experience.
Here's a choice:

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