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It will be a Unbalanced mod for now because I don't know how everything works...
The only thing I have changed in the game are the Unit trees. I have tried other programs to change the position of castles and changing the height of the map.
Other than that i,m green to modding in Warband.

The Idea is that when You take over a Castle and start your own Kingdom, you can create your own Unique Units with a Unit tree.
and I don't want to play on the standard map, so want to create a Unique one for this mod.
Every Castle and City will be remade, or just made different then from the layout or warband.

Ideas I want into my Mod. Not sure if everything is possible.
- Edit Units Equipment in game.
- When you start a kingdom you get to Edit your own Troop tree.
- 6 Kingdoms With there unique Troop tree.
- Every kingdoms Village recruitment changes when someone else takes it over. (Example: Nords take over Rivacheg, all villages bound to Rivacheg recruit now Nord peasants.)
- build special buildings in the City to expand the Market, Like a sword-smith opens the Tab for selling swords(now only swords), and a Shield maker adds to the tab with shields.
- All City's have something special thy can build. Like in the North a shield maker for Huscarl Shields. and in the east a armor smith for the Samurai armor.
- Maybe only new Items for this mod (I need someone that can also explains this how to make my own Items. i,m used in working in 3ds max)
- New Bandits and mercenary's
- Bounty hunters/Man hunters, will hunt you when you have a Price on your head. but you can also Pay them to let them Chase someone else in your campaign.
- Special world Locations where everyone need to look out for. Like a special Bandit horde lead by a Bandit Hero. (Maybe can even take over castles and citys.)
- Make your own Trade Caravan, goes from city to city for selling and Buying, and changing the stock in that city where it was, tries to bring back the good stuff to your city where it was send from.
- More banners, and maybe a Option to show which one is already taken. or just the Lords have only the First/Last half of all the banners.
Still thinking of new Ideas I want to add.

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