Discussion Suggestion Unit Level Modding Broken since 1.59

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If you look up Boogies Troop Upgrades this was a huge mod I made for my personal use and I also shared with people. I loved the fact that in warband and in bannerlord you could add any level troop at any time to the upgrade tree and it would work fine.

However in 1.510 they released some code that permanently broke the ability to extend troops beyond tier 6 or even add new upgrade of the same tier or different level slightly. Its extremely locked the game into you have to have all units as tier 1-6 and you have to follow the strict upgrade levelling system.

I'm very sad because my mod where I added 600+ units used to work flawlessly whatever I did in version 1.59 or previous now its completely broken. The game instant crashed (try it yourself) if you don't put upgrades in level 1,6,11,16,21,26,31 and make each unit upgrade in that specific locked criteria.
CharacterStatsModel. MaxCharacterTier and CharacterStatsModel.GetTier(CharacterObject character) should be already moddable, so please let me know if you are still encountering issues.
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