Native OSP 3D Art Unique Armoury 1.1 (Litchina)

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It looks like it needs to move up and enlarged slightly.  Hold on a sec and I'll try editing the obj.

Try this as the primary mesh, don't know if it's right or not (the lod files you already have should be fine as they're long distance):

Edit 2:
And here's another just in case, slightly bigger than the last one.

Try talak_litchina2.obj first, then talak_litchina3.obj if 2 is too small still.


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Thanks Talak, giving it a try now. I think it's working good, although there's a small issue with some sort of 'streak' of I assume specular (it shows up when I don't run a normalmap). It's not a breaking issue and some more experienced than I can look into it.



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I think i have some low-sort of the black items problem too. I'll let the pictures talk:

|->The textures are clearly too dark

|->Same from other angle

|->Everything else works nicely (off couse :smile:)

EDIT:I did put the textures onto the module's texture folder and thought about buying hide boots (save cash,i have the auto-save on) and discovered this:

The hide boots aren't dark,like in inventory... on my old computer it had the same issue,items were just completely black on inventory.
So,im asking that why is that happening? I really don't care because they work like they should ingame,i posted this comment for that Talak will know about it and maybe he's able to fix it.
[And by the way,is this broblem only on my computer?]
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