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Hi Taleworlds and fanbase users,

This letter, with time for reflection and contemplation, is weeks overdue, bannerlord is uninstalled and will not be installed anytime soon, if ever, unless big changes are made, and yes im going to flatout constructively insult taleworlds on some points, they deserve it, i havent downvoted the game on steam yet out of naive, good faith, but first things first;

Non Gameplay;

Taleworlds Funding;

- This 'Early Access' release should have been a closed beta, that is free, it is not good to be chargeable, has as much content as a demo lol
- Taleworlds should have instead started crowdfunding and donation pages to help in financial streams to help develop the game, and only release a full game

Marketing Misinformation/misleading

- Taleworlds purposely misled the customer base with its videos, examples include 'smart AI' (thats a joke), Chambering (what even is this, we cant control it)
And yet still would charge us full price (insulting to its customers)

Gameplay - Media:
- This text based conversation is outdated, obsolete, invalid, and not modern, this should be replaced with video cutscenes

- Text based conversations, should be replaced with voiceover conversations, something like RDR2 interaction dialogue.

Gameplay - AI - General/Combat/Misc
- AI, need to be more smarter in all situations, especially combat, and more especially AI commanders

Gameplay - Combat:
I don't know whether you hired melee weapon masters Animation/Mechanics, but your finished animations and mechanics are POOR

(EDITED - forward to @dukester thread reply)
Gameplay - Animatiotns/Mechanics

Animations can be done in two ways - 1) via a MOCAP studio, with the stunt artist carrying out each move (with digital tweaking), or manually, sitting at the editing program (e.g blender) and manually recreating a move to look as natural as possible, either way, both are then saved into a binarised RTM file, which is then useable in game.
Possible/Impossible? - Its definitely possible, and financially possible, and feasibly possible, (BCR would be high), it may take a few weeks maximum (dependant on amount of animations they want to cover), but its very possible, and not hard to do at all.

Animation/Mechanics (General, Combat Misc), body movement is very stiff
- Combat animation upper body movement, including hips, is very stiff, or no movement at all, i believe this is what makes bannerlord become 'meh'.
Principle points
- Defence; Lack of 'stumble' after effect on animations
- Attack; Lack of Consequence, 'stumble', when your strike fails to land
- Lack of body movement with strikes, (e.g especially hip movement, or no movement of upper body, e.g chest/back rotation, shoulder movement)
- No 'Stamina Bar' Available
a) If you get stabbed by a spear, this should be emphasized a little bit more
b) If you block a power 2h strike,you should stumble out, of range, to emphasise the strike, and increase intensity of fight
c) If you get hit by an arrow, lets say, in the shoulder, you and especially your shoulder should be jolted back
d) If your shield is blocking strikes, if its weaker strikes (e.g 1h strikes, or spear stabs that land on shield), there needs to be some kind of pushback on player
e) If your in fast 1h sword duel;
i) If you land your attack, there should be some animation of 'acknowledgement of being hit' by opponent (considering adrenaline is in play)
- Thrusts
- Vertical, Horizontal Strikes
ii) If you defend an attack, there should be a deflection bounce off animation where you and your sword are jolted back slightly (unless chambered maybe)
f) Shields should be animated so the player/AI is covering their body with shield at all possible times, including, strikes, thrusts (Think romans gladius and scutum)
g) The Kick animation needs to be less accurate and alot easier to land, with a visible stumble effect, if it lands, or if you miss
h) The Punch animation should be able to land more damaging blows

Animation/Mechanics (General, Combat, Shield)
a) The player and AI completely disregard their shield and throw it off to one side, and they dont keep it covering their body as they throw strikes, looks stupid, no regard for their defence, or life for that matter
b) You should be able to crouch and still a) have shield in defence mode
i) Be able to throw shield over your head to block downward strikes and/or arrows (think achilles in troy), throw horizontal and thrust strikes (at less damage)
c) Shield bash needs to be less accurate and slightly easier to land, with a very slight stumble effect on opponent, or if you miss
d) different types of shield bash
i) Thrust shield bash
ii) Thrown/Slap Shield bash (current)

Animation/Mechanics - Weapon Bash
- Weapon bash animation needs to be more exaggerated, to make it feel more immersive and intense

Animation/Mechanics - 2h swords vs 1h - unfair
2h swords need to have the same damage, but be slower
the most infuriating thing of this game, is that a 2h sword is as fast as a 1h sword, if i pick a 1h sword to fight a 2h sword opponent, im looking for a speed and agile advantage, but, when you block a 2h strike, the 2h opponent doesnt stumble or have any consequence, and can just keep throwing strikes (also, stamina bar?)
meaning, if i pick a 1h sword, and block a standard horizontal strike, i should be able to counter quicker than the 2h opponent

Animation/Mechanics - More variation, freedom in the spear and shield combination (e.g spartans/hoplites with small spears)
- Short Spear and shield combat needs to be less placid and grounded, and more emphasis on light footwork, angles, and maybe more horizontal strikes, adapted

Animations/Mechanics - Medical - HP regeneration
- SP, and MP, have no health regeneration, which, after a while, regardless of game mode, the player with 1HP, begins to think 'well whats the point of fighting, my hp doesnt regen, and even a punch and kill me, so ill just run in with my teammate in a 2 vs 2, die straight away from a poke, and try again on respawn'.
- HP regen must be included (at different rates for different classes)
(Animation aspect, Combat, Medical)
- Your stance begins to droop the lower your hp (teammates can see this and try to aid you, while you regen)
- The ability to pull arrows out
- An animation to maybe 'stitch up where youve been hit' (when static and not in combat)

Appearance/Character - Customisation
- (Especially in multiplayer) - more customisation features for each faction classes

Animation/Mechanics - Appearance/Character - Taunt/Shouts
- The ability to not taunt, is beyond ridiculous
- The ability to decide how much your character groals, yells, etc, via a slide

Animations/Mechanics - Expanded unarmed melee combat)
(NOT MANDATORY for game to be a success, but would be wholesomely welcomed)
- More variation in melee combat, e.g;
i) ability to disarm opponents (has to have perfect, impeccable timing)
ii) Takedowns/Defend takedowns (well timed can close gap against armed opponents)
iii) Kicks, aswell as punches
iiii) Choke
iiiii) Silent attacks from behind (Armed and unarmed)

Animation/Mechanics - Run/Sprint, Climbing
- Running (default), with a temporary option to sprint
- Ability to climb (especially in MP)

Animation/Mechanics/Game mode
- A New elimination, objective type game mode, where players can die, or be downed from bad damage, and be revived by teammates (e.g cod warzone variation)

Bannerlord is basically a module of mount and blade warband at the moment (ongoing joke), and is not worth its pricetag, at all, period.
Bannerlord needs the above, articulated improvements, as above if it wants to get better recognition, more positive reviews, and more respect.
Right now all taleworlds has done has robbed £40.00 off me.
Bannerlord is uninstalled, but not removed, lol.
(EDIT) I know @Callum said something along the lines of bannerlord more just a combat rpg, not so much strategy involved, me personally, like many others, believe strategy should be a much bigger aspect of the game, like its needed in single player, now this new 'commander battle', proves strategy is an integral part of the game, which cannot just be discarded. (cannot find thread link, please tell me if you know)
So, my point being is, the video game is just not complete, and is frustrating.

Taleworlds, contact me if you want further feedback.



first point - meant more like RDR2 (Red dead redemption 2) type dialogue interaction
second point - HP regen is easier to implement
third point - my points are feasible and realistic, just requires work
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Text based conversation, should be replaced with video based cinematic cutscenes
Oh **** no leave that **** for netflix! I would instead liek to have a fast option to go into battle or pick up a quest without the conversation!

- HP regen must be included
Lol no :smile: I would like a Warband stile first aid skill and medicine to level differently but in battle hp regen is not a M&B type of thing. That's casual ****.

I'm all for combat being smoother and more consistent, like options to not use chain attacks, but you've got way to many specific and outlandish requests for animations and details.


As a new player i wanted to write down my exp but soon i realised that they dont give a damn about this forum.In sort my feeling on combat is like driving a 80's car where you have to turn the steering wheel half circle before the car starts turning,seems like theres delay in everything and weapons inballances like when i block i should have the priority to hit back but that doesnt seem to happen which leads to just spamming,thats what what i saw in pvp and the class system is bad in my opinion,i mean would you think that its fan for newcomers to play a peasant all over again and get 1shoted by 2handers,archers,lancers?I guess i should go to duel servers and git gud but this combat system is just not what i want to get used to idk maybe i should eventually.
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" - This 'Early Access' release should have been a closed beta, that is free, it is not good to be chargeable, has as much content as a demo lol"

Comments like this are so tiresome. It's not like a Total War: Rome II situation where they released an unfinished beta but presented it as a finished product.


I agree entirely, actually maybe we should just get rid of the concept of language altogether. Nobody should speak even. No more symbols, no more ideograms!


I agree completely about the AI - it's way less sophisticated than I think people realize. It's not any better than Warband from a technical standpoint. It does have a bit more variety in actions and commands so it performs marginally better as a commander.

As for your other views, I disagree on a lot of them. BUT I think way more things should be toggleable. If you want HP regeneration, that should be a toggle option available to you. Then you can be happy and I can be happy playing the same game with different options. I detest having to install 1000 mods just to bring the game to a comfortable state for each player's preferences.


I agree with a few first paragraphs (game released too early for an inadequate price, AI still needs a lot of work on all fronts). I would add I also don't like how they're handling development post-launch (poor communication, slow to fix simple bugs / implement simple features, wrong/lack of focus and direction according to my views,...).
I don't at all agree with your idea of how dialogues should be handled.
First, RDR2 is a very different game and what works there may not be desired here. I'm tired of constantly waiting for full city scene loading just to say to a guy "Here's the herd of cows George sent from across the map. Bye now!" or "Fight or die!". That's a gimmick that maybe looks interesting the first time you see it in a promotional video. Inside the game, gets very tiring very very fast. Text dialogues are perfect as a tech, they of course just need more working out in terms of looking less template-y, having as much situation-awareness as possible (if I'm a king, villagers shouldn't address me as if I'm an unknown hobo, etc.), having more options and all that jazz.
Second, having all possible dialogues 'hand-animated' like a cut scene is, I'm not gonna say impossible, but practically impossible for this team and this game, and that is fine. New features, characters and thus situations/actors might be added regularly, so that's not feasible at all.
As for those animation-related dreams, they of course would be awesome to have in a game, but they're not feasible at all IMO. Maybe if the whole game was what you see when you enter the tournament (max 10-ish actors in a small, controlled environment), basically if the game was Tournament Simulator 2000, then yes, but for 500 vs 500 battles - forget about it. I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I believe that kind of thing is still in the not-so-near future of gaming.
Even if some of those animation/realism improvements would be feasible, I would still like to have a feature-complete game before that. The game is currently pretty empty and lacking in many, many areas. It needs substance first, before eye candy. IMO.
It's interesting, reading all these forums, how much players' desires for the game differ. That's actually pretty normal and it's impossible for the developers to please all of us, but the problems arise if, like here, the developers don't communicate their vision clearly so many of us expect a thing from the game that isn't even planned and then get disappointed and/or angry. This is even more pronounced for an Early Access game (can't use the 'EA' shorthand here, in my mind EA will always mean Electronic Arts :smile: ), since you can't just look up let's plays on YouTube and see if the game is possibly for you, because what you currently see there is not the final state of the game.


Don't need any of that.
Just give me - Expanded DIplomacy
Expanded Kingdom/Army Management
Expanded Trade/Business Management
Expanded Criminal Underworld Empire
Bug Fixes
The game lacks depth, true, but base game is excellent. A good base for mods to build on.

$10 the OP reinstalls when VC or LOTR mod is released.



Thread responses (1/2)

I felt the same way on both the forum point and game play point, but hope it will gain views, to hopefully instigate positive change (have just posted callum on thread also, as is relevant)

@Julio-Claudian Taleworlds did exactly the same as the RTW 2 release, but they released an unfinished product due to the exceptional circumstance of the coronavirus pandemic, and made it clear they did for help in financial boosting for the video game, so there is some excuse, but not for the POOR communications with community on patching and future development.

@ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal the talking animations similair to RDR 2 means that you dont feel GBs of space for video cutscenes, and just file space for animations, triggers and voice text, with just a simple camera based relocation trigger & code.

@Mardochaios - Thank you! Someone sees where im coming from, more intensity and immersion.
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Thread Responses (2/2)
@TheGrainMan - I see your point of view, and i fully agree with your points on AI, but toggleable options would be great for SP, but not possible for MP, i guess you already know this, but it has to be said anywho

@dukester - para 1 - agree, para 2 & 3 - check the new OP edit (where your tagged) for further info (may change your mind), para 4 - agreed 100%

@archaicwarrior - point 1 - agreed, point 2 - your probably right, but it will be more than likely shortlived.

@Oakenlix please read new paragraph edits where dukester is tagged for further clarification and information on process, no credibility is lost in an educated, well informed opinion, do you go around in life telling people their comments are not credible? probably to make your self feel more powerful yeah, meh.


@furbzeyyy re: your reply to me in the OP:
Thanks for the info, I'm pretty familiar with how animations are made. I wasn't talking about creating those animation files. That's the (relatively) easy part.
I was talking about the game detecting when each of those animations should be played for each actor in the battlefield. Currently, the game defaults to max 500 actors (agents) at one time and you can move this slider in the settings to 1000. Even though my computer is a bit dated, it still has 8 cores/16 threads (Ryzen 1700 @ 3.7GHz on all cores), but the game starts stuttering if I move the slider to 700. There are just too many calculations to be made each frame for all the battle mechanics to work.
You gave an example of an actor jerking a little backwards when hit by an arrow in the shoulder. What about elbow, hip, knee, left pinky, ...? Just way too complex, IMO. Have you seen the horses flying and tumbling several meters in the air when they shouldn't? That's because the physics calculations are necessarily simplified already in many areas in order for the game to run at reasonable frame rates, and you're asking for those calculations to become much more complex. That's why I said it may be feasible for a very small number of agents, but not for big battles.
I am not an expert developer/coder by any means, but that's my understanding of the situation. Could be wrong, of course.


The game lacks depth, true, but base game is excellent. A good base for mods to build on.

$10 the OP reinstalls when VC or LOTR mod is released.

Dude, breaking news.
I've just been informed by all the modders that they are discontinuing work on any planned mods due to other obligations.
What are we going to do now? We're f-ed.
I guess we must now turn back to those WE PAID to create game content for us.
Oh, what has the world come to these days!
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