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Greetings everyone,

As many of you know ROCK was an originally created and spearheaded by Duke Kenneth.  He had a massive goal and truly an outstanding concept for what a multiplayer campaign could be.  Many steps were taken and information provided by Duke Kenneth to the public to begin the process of meeting his goals and intentions.

Since that time, unfortunately for reasons that are unconsequential at this point, Duke Kenneth has taken an extended leave of absence.  Much of his original ruleset and ideas are left absent without him, leaving the original ROCK an unattainable goal.

What is laid before you now it a culmination of many concepts and ideas that I have pondered for quite awhile.  I can credit Duke Kenneth with some of the gameplay ideas and concepts that have gone into the current ruleset, and for that we should all be grateful.  We can also credit Duke Kenneth with being willing to commit much time and effort in making a foothold for me to build this current campaign on.

All previous information regarding ROCK at this point has been nullified.  Any thread that is locked with "+Previous+" in the title is not applicable to the "Reconcilation Of a Conflicted Kingdom", aka ROCK.  The current ROCK is an independant endeavour that has been developed under a seperate concept than the previous ROCK.  Out of respect to Duke Kenneth as well as the forum moderators who so graciously provided this Child Board, I have continued with the ROCK name and look to fullfill what the NA community was looking for from the +Previous+ ROCK.

I hope that we can all understand this position and renew ourselves on the provided information to produce for the community an excellent campaign experience that is both competitive and fun.  That is my goal and intention, and I thank everyone for your help in making this a reality.

Best Regards,

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