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Master Knight
Name under which you were banned: 1stFKI_Fw_Menelaos
Server(s) you are banned from: US 1
What was happening when you got banned: I was enjoying myself in US 1 and the moment I joke around with a person in the same TS in chat with the word ,"Fag" and I receive my first ban ever in MM/NW.
Time and date 11/6/2012 7:15 PM EST ish
User Identification Number: Idk

This ban should be uplifted because it I have never been banned before and I am frustrated that this rule:

- Do not make derogatory remarks to other players or regiments on the server, or about players who may not be on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, homophobic and bigoted insults, as well as personal attacks and harassment.

Is interpreted as: he made a joke so he is insulting other people somehow with racial slurs that nobody in the NA region recognizes as slurs.
This was all done without any warning prior.


Master Knight
Zach_Attack said:
We FKI should just stop typing in US 1, sorry about this Menelaos.  :neutral:
Hate to be rude but please don't post in this section unless it's relevant.

Now with that bump I wish to be unbanned and never to be banned again without warning.
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