Unban Request from the 22nd Siege Server

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Hello, my name is Renzo and due to some circumstances I got banned from your 22nd siege server. This circumstances where of me being a total dickhead on your server (This happened over 6 months ago) which resulted on a permanent ban. I am really sorry for what happened and I promise it will not happen again. Again, im really sorry, I acknowledge that what I did was totally wrong.
    In-Game name: LIXH_Renzo
    I was banned due to team killing
    I got banned around September 2011
Thanks in advance, and I promise it won't happen ever again.
Are you one of these?

LIXH_PollaGorda1 is banned permanently by MM_dev_Vincenzo.
LIXH_PollaGorda2 is banned permanently by MM_dev_Vincenzo.
LIXH_Pollagorda3 is banned permanently by MM_dev_Vincenzo.


Yeah preety surely, not sure which one of them.. Again, im sorry for what I did and I hope you can forgive me.
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