[UNAC S6] Single-elimination information!

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The sixth season of the United North American Championship has officially ended. Congratulations to SJW, Moles, OE, RaTs, RD, Wappaw, TMW and ToTT for making it to the single-elimination stage of the tournament. You'll all get the chance to compete for championship. So with no further ado, I'll explain how this stage works. 

Our single-elimination stage will consist of eight teams, lasting three weeks long. The stages of single-elimination are the following; quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. The matches will be in the following order; the first seed will play the eight seed, the second seed will play the seventh seed, the third seed will play the sixth seed, and finally the fourth seed will play the fifth seed. After that, the winner of the fourth and fifth seed match will play the first seed, and the winner of the winner of the third and sixth seed match will play the second seed. And as you'd expect the winners of the semi-finals will compete against each other in the finals.

Fixtures for the single-elimination will be determined through the pick and ban system that was implemented in WPL. This is how the system works, for those who didn't get to play in the WPL;
System said:
(1) The maps will be picked by the teams themselves during a pick night held on Tuesday. 
(2) Both teams have 2 vetoes to ban out a map from the complete map pool. The higher seed team vetoes the first map, then the lower seed team bans a second map, the higher seed team then bans a third map and, finally, the lower seed team bans a fourth map. Then the higher seed team picks the first map and the lower seed team picks the second map.
(3) Factions will be pre-selected for both maps. 1

1 Factions will be announced in the announcements thread.
  • Verloren
  • San'di'boush
  • Mountain Fortress
  • Legacy town
  • Milford
  • Desert town
  • Fort of Honor
  • Reveran Village
  • Field by the River
  • Castellum
  • Frosthaven
  • Hepburn Forest
  • Legacy plains
  • River Village
If you take a look at the regular season bracket, you'll notice two three-way ties. Luckily, we determined how we'd break said ties prior to the start of the tournament, you can see this in the sixth rule of § 2.2. Said rule states; "Teams with the same number of points will be ordered firstly by head-to-head, and then by their round differential."

I'll break it down further;
Let's look at the first three-way tie, OE, RaTs, and Moles are all tied with a 4-2 record, however we can't break this tie through head-to-head because OE beat Moles, RaTs beat OE, and Moles beat RaTs, therefore we have to throw away head-to-head and use round differential, which results in the following seeding: Moles (2), OE (3), RaTs (4). Now onto the second tie three-way tie, RD, Wappaw, and TMW are all tied with a 3-3. But again, we can't use head-to-head to break this tie. So we have to use round differential, which results in the following seeding: RD (5), Wappaw (6), TMW (7).
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