[UNAC S6] Ruleset

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§ 1 Rules
§ 1.1 General
§ 1.2 Roster
§ 2 Format
§ 2.1 General
§ 2.2 Group stage
§ 2.3 Elimination stage
§ 3 Server settings
§ 4 Rule Violations and Disputes
§ 4.1 Violations
§ 4.2 Disputes
§ 4.3 Punishments


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[*]Players are expected to be respectful of their fellow players and staff, both on the forums and in a match.
[*]The rules are not all-encompassing; you are required to follow the letter of the rules along with the spirit of them.
[*]Team banners must abide by the TaleWorlds forum rules.

§ 1.2 ROSTER
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[*]Team rosters must consist of at-least 10 players.
[*]Should a player not be on a roster and play for a team, then said player will be treated as a member of said team and as such they will be added to their that teams roster.
[*]Any player who hasn't played in a UNAC match may join a team at any time. However, once a player has played for one team they may not play for another team until the transfer week. The transfer week will take place in the third week of the group-stage. After the transfer week ends, players will not be able to transfer teams, unless under special exemption from the administrative team.
[*]In order for a team to register, they must decide upon a captain to handle all issues for their team. We also recommend that teams list a co-captain in case the captain cannot perform his tasks.
[*]Once the single-elimination phase of the tournament begins, teams will only be permitted to make two substitutions to their roster..

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[*]You will have until Tuesday, 11:59PM (EST) to finish your match for the week.
[*]By entering your team into the tournament, you understand the obligation of playing at least 4 weeks of matches as a team; joining the tournament and leaving during the group stage is harmful to the proceedings of the tournament.
[*]Only team members, referees, administrators and streamers are permitted to be on the server during a official UNAC match.
[*]Any discriminate or malicious language during an official match will lead to punishment for the offending party or team.
[*]The default servers for teams competing will be the UNAC servers, which are located in Chicago. Which means, teams are permitted to change their servers or locations if both captains agree but if an agreement can't be reached the default servers must be used.


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[*]Khergit Khanate is not a usable faction.
[*]Each match will consist of two maps, each map consisting of two first-to-three sets. Rounds will count both towards the match win and towards the round differential, which acts as a tiebreaker in the standings.
[*]The higher seeded team will start the match on the top spawn in the first set. They will then swap spawns for the remainder of the match.
[*]Each team must field at-least 8 players to start a match or a set; should a team be unable to do so, the other team can play out the match or request a default. With that being said, teams are permitted to play lower or higher than 8's if both team captains agree to it.
[*]If a team forfeits mid-match, all remaining rounds shall be scored for the opposing team.
[*]Upon the change of the map, the first round will not be live.
[*]Teams are granted 5 minutes of preparation between each set, and 10 minutes between each map. After this period ends, either team may request for a "live on re" meaning the match will be considered live upon reset even if one side is not ready to play.

[list type=decimal]
[*]The group stage is based off of a modified swiss system. In said system all teams will make it to the single-elimination phase.
[*]The group stage will last six weeks.
[*]If a tie occurs after two maps are played, teams will play a third map to determine a winner. The third map will be the first map listed in next weeks fixtures. If the match is still tied after three maps, the match will go down as a tie.
[*]Each team will start with 0 points; winning a match will grant your team 2 points, getting a tie will grant both teams 1 point, and having a bye will grant your team 2 points.
[*]Teams with the same number of points will be ordered firstly by head-to-head, and then by their round differential.
[*]Maps and their corresponding factions will be pre-determined by the administrative team.

[list type=decimal]
[*]The final seeding from the group stage will determine the bracket for the elimination stage.
[*]The elimination stage will follow a single elimination format; losing your match results in elimination.
[*]There will be an extra consolation match for 3rd and 4th place.
[*]In the elimination stage, teams will be using the picks and bans system to decide maps, factions will be randomized.
[*]If the score is tied at the end of a match, a third map will be randomized from the un-picked and un-banned maps, as will factions.


ENL Mode:Private
Combat Speed:Medium
Block Direction:Manual
Auto-Balance Limit:Off
Disallow Ranged Weapons:Off
Ranged Friendly Fire:On
Melee Friendly Fire:On
Damage to Friend:100%
Damage to Self:0%
Combat Bonus:100%
Round Bonus:100%
Respawn Time:8 seconds
Max Round Time:210 seconds
Map Time:120 minutes
Spectator Mode:Locked to team member's view.
Flag Spawn:120 seconds


[list type=decimal]
[*]Altering files for an advantage. Cosmetic changes, such as round timers and crosshairs, do not count.
[*]Exploiting glitches on maps. Glitches are defined as areas in match which, if exploited, gives one team an advantage over the other that was not intended by the map maker.
[*]Joining of another teams voice communication to gather information.
[*]Playing for a team which you are not on the roster of.
[*]Spawning in a ninth player for the purpose of dropping gear for his team.
[*]Impersonation of staff members.
[*]The admin team is not all-knowing and as such if an instance comes up that does not necessarily fit any of the points shown above, they still reserve the right to deem it cheating, and thus to take the appropriate actions.

[list type=decimal]
[*]If a dispute arises by either participating teams during any match, the tournament administrators will review it privately with the team captains. If no solution comes of this, the administrators will discuss the situation amongst themselves, and decide whether the match must be repeated. If no administrators are present both teams must finish the match and contact an administrator afterwards.
[*]Tournament administrators are ineligible to make rulings on matters directly affecting their own team.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Any violation that occurs during a live round of the tournament and is determined to have an effect on the outcome of that round will result in the immediate or retroactive loss of that round for the offending party.
[*]Penalties will follow a severity system, and for every repeat offense, the severity will increase. The levels of severity are the following:
  • Low severity; A warning or suspension lasting one match.
  • Moderate severity; A suspension lasting three matches.
  • High severity; Suspension for the whole UNAC season.
[*]The severity of the violation is determined by the administration, and will be determined for every individual case, though precedent set by previous infractions will be taken into account.

Credits; To the administration teams of the current and previous United North American Championship seasons aswell as the administration team of the Warband Pro League.
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