Unable to run Ironlauncher? Is Batsuzo Invincible? Here is the workaround.

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Before doing the workaround try right clicking ironlauncher.exe and running as administrator.  This would help if you have vista and maybe win7 as well.

If Ironlauncher just will not run either from vista problems or possible troubles with steam there is a workaround.
You must rename the "Data" folder in your main M&B folder to "NativeData".  Copy the folder "Data" from the Revenge of the Berserk folder to the main Mount&Blade folder.  To play other mods you will have to rename the folder "Data" to "BerserkData" and rename "NativeData" to "Data" again.

The game will read out of the folder Data so you just have to have the right folder named Data at the right time.  And if you get confused BerserkData's skeleton file in the folder is a lot bigger than the NativeData one which is only 14 kp.

If switching all the time annoys you just have a separate install of mount&blade with only Revenge of the Berserk in the modules folder.  Put the replace the Data folder in your new mount&blade file will the Data file in the Revenge of the Berserk folder.

If you accidently overwrite the information in your standard M&B Data folder.(NativeData)
Here is the download for a new basic m&b Data folder.
Or on the mbrepository.


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Unable to run Ironlauncher? Your swings don't do damage to Basuzo? Here is the workaround.


Tried running it on Vista, didn't work.  Right clicked on the Ironlauncher .exe, selected "Run as administrator," worked fine.  Just throwing that one out there.

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If you do the workaround properly it WILL work. 
1)Rename the folder data inside the folder mount&blade to native data.
2)Copy the folder data within the folder Revenge of the Berserk paste it into the folder mount&blade
4)Switch the folders back to play other mods.  Name the data folder with berserk skeleton information berserkdata when you want to play mods other than berserk.  Rename nativedata back to data.

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ironlaucher didnt work.i tried workarond too. Here is the error message:
"M&B is not installed in your cumputer"

Which is very annoying. :mad: :mad: :mad: Like i dont have M&B and waste my 2 hours for downloading this. Please find a solution


I got it to work. I just thought that this was meant to make iron launcher work, not fix problems without ironlauncher.

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Yea guys cool off on the unfounded pirate talk.

Have you tried moving the game to program files?  I wan't aware that was a problem but maybe.  Also try running ironlauncher.exe as an administrator.

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I think i made it, but just to be sure i want to ask a question:
You begin the game with a youth war and you have no option. It looks like campaign, you just continue to fight.


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Wen I make the "workaround" it works ok, the problem is that it makes a disaster with the text of the buttons, it also makes town, castles & towns names impossible to read, all menus have the same problem... 

Anyone knows why of all this ?

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when i click on the ironlauncher all it says is : mount and blade
                                                                        by swyter
then the title thing just disapears and nothing else happens
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