Need More Info Unable to attack enemy parties or initiate sieges

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As the title suggests, while playing a campaign, I was suddenly unable to attack enemy parties or initiate sieges on any enemy castles or settlements. I can begin a new campaign and attack my enemies, but the campaign into which I've poured a couple dozen hours is effectively broken.


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Hi, as the modded save file is broken but a new campaign is not, we can't know for sure if the problem would occur for the new modded campaign as well. Unfortunately, we cannot offer tecnical support for modded games. Please read our full statement regarding modding related issues here. We cannot debug the corrupted save file, but if you encounter the same problem on your new campaign as well, please try removing your mods following the instructions on this article and try to recreate it on a new campaign. If you can recreate this on an unmodded new campaign, I can forward this issue to the developers.