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Knight at Arms

Since we are updating all the uniforms in Blood & Iron (thanks to Hinkel and Docm30) we would like to release the old uniforms to modders for use in their projects. There's no point in letting all that hard work go to waste!

This pack contains uniforms and hats (models and textures) from the French, Prussian, British, American, and Japanese nations in the 19th Century; a wide variety of awesome stuff you can use to make fantastic things with. You will find that all the uniforms have been ordered (by mesh name) in the following fashion for ease in modding: nation_class_name_rank.​



If you want a better look, check out any images from the Blood & Iron gallery BEFORE September 2014.

Grab the download link here

Get the accompanying 19th Century Firearms Pack Here from this download link


Simply put the resource .brf files into your resource folder, and the texture files into your texture folder.

The .Brfs will need to be listed inside your module.ini file for the Materials to work. To make it easier, just paste this rather than writing it out yourself.
# BI module files
load_mod_resource = bi_hats_american
load_mod_resource = bi_hats_british
load_mod_resource = bi_hats_french
load_mod_resource = bi_hats_japanese
load_mod_resource = bi_hats_prussian
load_mod_resource = bi_materials_uniforms
load_mod_resource = bi_uniforms_american_old
load_mod_resource = bi_uniforms_british_old
load_mod_resource = bi_uniforms_french_old
load_mod_resource = bi_uniforms_japanese_old
load_mod_resource = bi_uniforms_prussian_old

Unfortunately the pack does not contain python code for the module files, however adding them to the items list will not be too difficult. We recommend that you follow the naming method through the items list to the troops list for simplicity, like so:​

["brit_infantry_24th", "brit_infantry_24th", [("brit_infantry_24th",0)], itp_merchandise| itp_type_body_armor  |itp_covers_legs |itp_civilian,0, 100 , weight(3)|abundance(100)|head_armor(0)|body_armor(14)|leg_armor(6)|difficulty(0) ,imodbits_cloth ],
This way you can use the mesh names from the brf files to assign them to troops in the troops.py file (rather than looking for mesh names in the item list, then getting the item name and adding that to the troop one is editing).

Conditions: Please remember to give us credit for the stuff you use from this pack.​
Lovely work and thank you to both you and Parrot.

We should hopefully get to see some more non fantasy medieval historical stuff now with this lot :smile:.
Can you upload it elsewhere? Mediafire is just giving me "Authorize Download" crap and it keeps popping up when I do it continuously.
For some reason most of these don't have textures when viewed in openbrf, although I copied the brfs into the textures folder to view them :???:
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