In Progress Two main issues: Main Char Equipped as Horse archer but in Cavalry, 1to 2 my troops rout when I lead but not for Send Troops

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No, I didn't use any mods.

Lag R Aus

Summary: 1. From start of play my character had a javelin, since swapping to bow/xbow is stuck in Cavalry group but listed as Horse Archer within Cavalry. I have tried moving to a new Horse Archer group then deleting the new group but revert to my Cavalry group.
2. Pretty much every fight I have initiated, it reports 1 or 2 of my troops Rout (from start of battle before movement). But if I use Send Troops to the same fight no one routs. Never seen this before
How to Reproduce: uploading save game with Caravan mission active, also happens with Looter group of 24 that approaches this location from the north (other side of bridge).
Have you used cheats and if so which: None
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Lag R Aus

Logged ticket with copy of game save for reproducing problem.

Have also noticed not all (Unmarried) Ladys have option to request marriage directly (and have no parent to do the same).
The new auto group system is really bad, not that it's bad in itself, i was surprised how clean it was for once and that Taleworld did a really good work at it, but it's a disease pretty common in most computer science since the 2010 year where the developer thinks his work is perfect and that he knows better than YOU what YOU want.

So first yeah it's a mess to put your companions in the right group and those not captain usually are moved randomly between them each new battle, but ok, why not.

But secondly the game apparently have no clue what is cavalry and what is mounted archer cause i always end up with mounted archers with no spear in my main cataphract group and charging like idiots to get killed. I changed the groups a few times, using tricks to set them correctly and for a battle i could have what i wanted and what i was supposed to get, but surprise, next battle all have been reset ...

Here is one short example, how my main char ends up in a full shock cavalry formation while equipped with bows and no polearm?! Also you don't see on the screenshot but one of my shock cavalry (spear and shield) is in the infantry formation and so on, nothing is done correctly.

And since it's not fixed but change a lot i guess there is some use of the random function ... Don't wonder too much why it's broken ...

PS: also i have the same issue than OP now, every fight i have a legionary rooted out even against a group of 3 looters ...
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Lag R Aus

The formation grouping previously appeared to work fine for my party.
I would prefer to be able to assign specific troop types to different formations.
I would also like to be able to sort/group by formation in my party, that way I can easily see how many each of formation type I have without needing to start a battle.
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