Tweaks for Viking Conquest (one for 2.028, others for 2.021, 2.012, 2.010 etc)

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Ok guys, here's a few little tweaks for VC (some updated/compatible for 2.012,  others for 2.010, 2.005, 2.0, 1.04, 1.03/beta, check first), though many should work fine on later versions, use common sense. 

-Make backups, and use at your own risk (especially in story mode). 

-When the game updates it will probably overwrite these things. Order your module folder files by 'Date Modified' to see which text files were changed in the update. Redoing them may or may not work.

-If you have any others post them below, as well as updates for the existing ones.

-If you need 'support' from me my advice will probably not be much more than "you must have pasted it in the wrong place" :smile: but I will try to help if I can.

-Yes I'm aware TweakMB will make most of this obsolete when it gets updated. Also the same when VC gets updated.

-This thread is your friend. It's very outdated but some of these tweaks can be adapted with a bit of concentration. Thanks to TML.

-This thread is for another mod but some can be adapted.

-If you want to try and make one from TweakMB use the Tweak Viewer with Native 1.158 template on the Native folder to see how the original tweaks were done, then adapt for VC.

-Save editor compatible with VC.

-When you report bugs to the devs please tell them what tweaks you have enabled.

NEW Tweaks on MS: the simple way
Built around 2.025, included most of the tweaks below plus some new ones, recommended.

Stop Morrigan from leaving (2.012) from QWW

Wife as companion (2.012) based on Captain_Octavius' tweak

Add Morrigan back to your party as a companion again tested in Reforged/2.0 but probably any version, (Requires use of save-editor)

Change the negative effect companions have on each other's morale Reforged/2.0/2.004

Companion camp dialog bug-fix and % chance adjustment (from kalarhan)1.04 updated

Companions: change time between attempts to leave the party(1.04 release)/reforged beta


Merchants: give better/worse quality goods (1.04)
Open scripts.txt and search for
refresh_center_armories -1
18 1492 1 100 1490 1 150
That red 150 is the quality number. Increase it to to see more sturdy/heavy/balanced items. Can do the same for weaponsmiths and stables underneath.

Merchants have lots of money (1.04)
Point 2 in this post. NOTE: tweakMB actually works for this, choose bryt 1.4 as template.

Merchants to restock more frequently Reforged/2.0


Low-level troops run away more easily (2.012)

Escape chance after battle for enemy lords (2.005)

Reinforcement waves adjustment for a standard battle (1.03 release)

Troops earn more experience from combat (not training) any
Open module.ini and look for regulars_xp_multiplier = 2.0. Change that 2 to something higher for faster combat-leveling.

Join either side in an ongoing battle Reforged/2.0 reported as broken

Amount of troops you take to attack bandit lairs/landings (2.021)

Reputation/morale loss for hiring bandits (2.005)

Change money held by bandit camp merchantsReforged/2.0

Bandit party spawn time tested in reforged beta, though not extensively

Make bandit lairs visible Reforged/2.0

Vikings bandits: Make all parties available for recruitment Reforged/2.0
Conditions (negative rep/renown) probably still apply, plus need space in party/fleet for troops and prisoners, and enough money.

Religion / Monasteries

Visual / Audio
Dane axe and new bandit-king sword models (2.005) Original models by Gothic Knight  Link is broken and I lost the files, sorry.

Easy armour appearance customisation Any

Troll or child sized characters  tested in 2.005 but probably any (requires use of save-game editor)

Add or modify music by Der Kopfsammler

Alternate Crown Model probably any

World map camera zoomed-in angle adjustment 1.04

Ships / Sailing



Kingdom/fief management

Kingom/fief finance
Tax inefficiency modification (2.021?) from LeChuck

Base income change for village/castle/towns (2.012) update from Rarilmar


TweakMB should work for these things (use Brytenwalda 1.4 template or Native 1.15:cool:
-Faction colours
-Honour gain/loss
-Merchants money available
-Mercenary contract length
-Stat loss over 757 days.
-Right to rule for a few things.
-Skill base stat and max level.
-Tournament bets
-Ammo amounts, shots before reloading
-Battle map sizes (could very well cause problems)
-Enterprise:relations needed to start and setup time.
-Bandit party sizes
-Prevent companions from leaving and complaining after battles
-After battle escape chance for defeated lords
-Ransom offer chance
-Morale loss for prisoner recruitment
-Relation loss/gain for various quests/ actions with lords/ladies/towns/villages
-Bandit infestation chance
-Compensation when not awarded a fife.
-Village prosperity gain from delivering grain/cattle

Small guide on understanding the numbers in the text files.
Couple new tweaks added. If there's something simple people would like me to have a look then post here. Please note that I'm not talking about adding new companions/more factions/diplomacy mod etc. Simple tweaks.
Would it be possible to make it so that when fast travelling, it pauses upon encountering a hostile force in sight? So many Vikings have been lost due to not being able to stop in time...
I'm afraid  that would be adding a new feature (afaik) rather than tweaking an existing one. Try asking in the Q&A thread in The Forge forum section.
zscfcz said:
Perfect, thanks. Does already one exist to increase the number of troops and morale?

You'd have to be more specific for both those things.  Do you mean the player's number of troops per leadership skill point?  Do you mean base morale?
Shonin said:
Heya Kraggrim, is there something to make the followers don't fight, like in the Vech's mod?

I don't know Vech's mod, but TweakMB has the option to disable after-battle complaints and enable the 'we hang deserters' dialog.
sorry something didnt work for me my menus.txt is messed up, can you send me a clean one, so i can try again? Thanks :oops: it says rgl error
Modestus said:
sorry something didnt work for me my menus.txt is messed up, can you send me a clean one, so i can try again? Thanks :oops: it says rgl error

if you use Steam: you can just delete the file and verify cache. It will re-download

If from download: open your file using a zip tool like 7zip. You can get any file from there. The one you got to install the game/patch.

Hint: make a copy of all text files before doing tweaks
Change time between companions trying to leave:

Tired of constantly reminding your companions that nobody gets to leave the party? Use this!

Make a backup of triggers.txt, then open it and search for
0.000000 0.000000 24
There are four three instances, the one nearest the top of the file is the one you want. Change that 24 to a higher number, 99999 worked for me.

Please note, if it's the same as Brytenwalda this trigger contains a few different companion conflict related things (see the spoiler below). I would advise only using this if you have your party as you'd like to have it for the rest of the game. Do not use during story mode, I don't know for sure but would probably **** things up.

#Process morale and determine personality clashes
  (0, 0, 24,

#Count NPCs in party and get the "grievance divisor", which determines how fast grievances go away
#Set their relation to the player
        (assign, ":npcs_in_party", 0),
        (assign, ":grievance_divisor", 100),
        (try_for_range, ":npc1", companions_begin, companions_end),
            (main_party_has_troop, ":npc1"),
            (val_add, ":npcs_in_party", 1),
        (val_sub, ":grievance_divisor", ":npcs_in_party"),
        (store_skill_level, ":persuasion_level", "skl_persuasion", "trp_player"),
        (val_add, ":grievance_divisor", ":persuasion_level"),
        (assign, reg7, ":grievance_divisor"),

#        (display_message, "@{!}Process NPC changes. GD: {reg7}"),

##Activate personality clash from 24 hours ago
        (try_begin), #scheduled personality clashes require at least 24hrs together
            (gt, "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs", 0),
            (eq, "$disable_npc_complaints", 0),
                  (troop_get_slot, ":eek:ther_npc", "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs", slot_troop_personalityclash_object),
                  (main_party_has_troop, "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs"),
                  (main_party_has_troop, ":eek:ther_npc"),
                  (assign, "$npc_with_personality_clash", "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs"),
            (assign, "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs", 0),

        (try_for_range, ":npc", companions_begin, companions_end),
###Reset meeting variables
            (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_turned_down_twice, 0),
                (troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_met, 1),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_met_previously, 1),

###Check for coming out of retirement
            (troop_get_slot, ":eek:ccupation", ":npc", slot_troop_occupation),
                (eq, ":eek:ccupation", slto_retirement),
                (troop_get_slot, ":renown_min", ":npc", slot_troop_return_renown),

                (str_store_troop_name, s31, ":npc"),
                (troop_get_slot, ":player_renown", "trp_player", slot_troop_renown),
                (assign, reg4, ":player_renown"),
                (assign, reg5, ":renown_min"),
#                (display_message, "@{!}Test {s31}  for retirement return {reg4}, {reg5}."),

                (gt, ":player_renown", ":renown_min"),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_penalties, 0),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_morality_penalties, 0),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_occupation, 0),

#Check for political issues
(try_begin), #does npc's opponent pipe up?
(troop_slot_ge, ":npc", slot_troop_days_on_mission, 5),
(troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_current_mission, npc_mission_kingsupport),

(troop_get_slot, ":eek:ther_npc", ":npc", slot_troop_kingsupport_opponent),
(troop_slot_eq, ":eek:ther_npc", slot_troop_kingsupport_objection_state, 0),

(troop_set_slot, ":eek:ther_npc", slot_troop_kingsupport_objection_state, 1),

(str_store_troop_name, s3, ":npc"),
(str_store_troop_name, s4, ":eek:ther_npc"),

(eq, "$cheat_mode", 1),
(display_message, "str_s4_ready_to_voice_objection_to_s3s_mission_if_in_party"),

#Check for quitting
                (main_party_has_troop, ":npc"),

                (call_script, "script_npc_morale", ":npc"),
                (assign, ":npc_morale", reg0),

                    (lt, ":npc_morale", 20),
                    (store_random_in_range, ":random", 0, 100),
                    (val_add, ":npc_morale", ":random"),
                    (lt, ":npc_morale", 20),
                    (assign, "$npc_is_quitting", ":npc"),

#Reduce grievance over time (or augment, if party is overcrowded
                (troop_get_slot, ":grievance", ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_penalties),
                (val_mul, ":grievance", 90),
                (val_div, ":grievance", ":grievance_divisor"),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_penalties, ":grievance"),

                (troop_get_slot, ":grievance", ":npc", slot_troop_morality_penalties),
                (val_mul, ":grievance", 90),
                (val_div, ":grievance", ":grievance_divisor"),
                (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_morality_penalties, ":grievance"),

#Change personality grievance levels
                    (this_or_next|troop_slot_ge, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_state, 1),
                        (eq, "$disable_npc_complaints", 1),
                    (troop_get_slot, ":eek:bject", ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_object),
                    (main_party_has_troop, ":eek:bject"),
                    (call_script, "script_reduce_companion_morale_for_clash", ":npc", ":eek:bject", slot_troop_personalityclash_state),
                    (this_or_next|troop_slot_ge, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash2_state, 1),
                        (eq, "$disable_npc_complaints", 1),
                    (troop_get_slot, ":eek:bject", ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash2_object),
                    (main_party_has_troop, ":eek:bject"),
                    (call_script, "script_reduce_companion_morale_for_clash", ":npc", ":eek:bject", slot_troop_personalityclash2_state),
                    (this_or_next|troop_slot_ge, ":npc", slot_troop_personalitymatch_state, 1),
                        (eq, "$disable_npc_complaints", 1),
                    (troop_get_slot, ":eek:bject", ":npc", slot_troop_personalitymatch_object),
                    (main_party_has_troop, ":eek:bject"),
                    (troop_get_slot, ":grievance", ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_penalties),
                    (val_mul, ":grievance", 9),
                    (val_div, ":grievance", 10),
                    (troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_penalties, ":grievance"),

#Check for new personality clashes

#Active personality clash 1 if at least 24 hours have passed
                    (eq, "$disable_npc_complaints", 0),
                    (eq, "$npc_with_personality_clash", 0),
                    (eq, "$npc_with_personality_clash_2", 0),
                    (eq, "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs", 0),
                    (troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_state, 0),
                    (troop_get_slot, ":eek:ther_npc", ":npc", slot_troop_personalityclash_object),
                    (main_party_has_troop, ":eek:ther_npc"),
                    (assign, "$personality_clash_after_24_hrs", ":npc"),

#Personality clash 2 and personality match is triggered by battles
(eq, "$npc_with_political_grievance", 0),

(troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_kingsupport_objection_state, 1),
(assign, "$npc_with_political_grievance", ":npc"),

#main party does not have troop, and the troop is a companion
(neg|main_party_has_troop, ":npc"),
(eq, ":eek:ccupation", slto_player_companion),

(troop_get_slot, ":days_on_mission", ":npc", slot_troop_days_on_mission),
(gt, ":days_on_mission", 0),
(val_sub, ":days_on_mission", 1),
(troop_set_slot, ":npc", slot_troop_days_on_mission, ":days_on_mission"),
##diplomacy chief begin
          (troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_current_mission, dplmc_npc_mission_spy_request), #spy mission
          (troop_slot_ge, ":npc", dplmc_slot_troop_mission_diplomacy, 1), #caught

          (troop_set_slot, "trp_hired_blade", slot_troop_mission_object, ":npc"),
          (assign, "$npc_to_rejoin_party", "trp_hired_blade"),
        ##diplomacy chief end
(troop_slot_ge, ":npc", slot_troop_current_mission, 1),

#If the hero can join
(this_or_next|neg|troop_slot_eq, ":npc", slot_troop_current_mission, npc_mission_rejoin_when_possible),
                        # (hero_can_join, ":npc"),    MOTO error! This explains why companions sometimes never come back from mission...
                        (hero_can_join, "p_main_party"),

(assign, "$npc_to_rejoin_party", ":npc"),

You can see what is probably the :grievance_divisor", 100 in the text file just along from the 24.0000.  Changing that might be a more elegant way of doing this, not tried it though.

tested from a new game in 1.04 sandbox, companions will complain about and praise each other after battle but never try to leave, so should be fine to have on from the start.

This will affect companions sent off on missions, so you'll need to reset it when you want them back.

EDIT: For reforged beta it's probably this bit now
0.000000 0.000000 29.000000  0  133 2133 2 1224979098644774912 0 2133 2 1224979098644774913 100 6 3 1224979098644774914

NOTE I would recommend this tweak instead, doesn't stop companions coming back from missions.
Any idea what I'd need to do to increase the pennings/loot given from pillaging a monastery? Feels like it's pointless doing so since it was nerfed.
I had a look, don't think I can. The section of menus.txt says:

Don't know what {reg3} functions as I'm afraid.
{reg3} is the amount you get from plundering. It's calculated by the script
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