TweakMB (With Fire & Sword support!) [v5.09; updated 12.29.13]

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So I have this bug, when I start a new game after using Tweak M&B the bandit in the starter quest is seen as friendly and even if I kill him as the friendly unit and press tab, it tells me the merchant takes me into his home (bottom left of the screen where dmg and so on is normally seen) and can't get out of the place where you kill the bandit. Completely stuck.


Th3DarK said:
Hello Guys!

What about an update about this program guys it's been kinda oldie!

Thank you!

There are no Guys!

This tool was created by a single individual, kefka95, unconnected with Taleworlds. If you look at his profile you’ll find he was last active on these forums in 2016.

kalarhan said:
Mellicifious said:
Could an tweak for changing amount of towns you take increase the amount of caravans you have for your faction or other faction be made? As when you are conquering the whole map, you are limited to 5 caravans max for getting +3 towns. when you have only 5 caravans available for the whole map, which means they can only visit 2 town per route and neglecting all other towns. This causes massive poverty for neglected towns with lack of caravans. Taleworlds pls fix.

couple things:

1) TW has nothing to do with TweakMB. The tool was created by a member of the community.
2) The tool is not being updated for a long time. You should instead check the Forge main forum and ask there. Small chance of someone posting a .txt tweak for you, but if you want to learn about modding and how to do it yourself (on the game code), you will find lots of modders to help you
-> tutorials and guides can be found there. And the Q&A thread is the place to make questions.



This community member did so many folks a favor with TweakMB.

It would be great if TaleWorlds could find someone to update the tool or create a new mod with similar capabilities.

What this tool does seems very fundamental. 

Not asking anything that has a chance of delaying release, but it would also be good for Bannerlord to have this level of customizability.

Many folks who make mods publicly available have a degree of customization available.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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talha1994 said:
Crusade Against Jihad mod help tweakmb not can %100 play :/
kefka95 said:
What mods does TweakMB support?
TweakMB will load any mod you throw at it, provided the appropriate text files are present in the folder.  See below for the current list of mods that are explicitly supported.  If a mod is not listed below, you can still load it using TweakMB, but some tweaks may be unavailable depending on the mod.

Mount & Blade
Native 1.011

Mount & Blade: Warband
Native 1.158
Native 1.153
Native 1.152
Native 1.143
1257 AD SVN Rev 65
Brytenwalda 1.38
Brytenwalda 1.39
Diplomacy 4.1
Diplomacy 4.2
Diplomacy 4.3
Floris Mod Pack 2.40
Floris Mod Pack 2.50
Floris 2.54 Basic
Floris 2.54 Gameplay
Floris 2.54 Expanded
Prophesy of Pendor 3.42
Prophesy of Pendor 3.50
Prophesy of Pendor 3.611
Sword of Damocles: Warlords 3.90

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
Native 1.143


yes ı know bro but crusade and cihads ı need fief income/rents tweak :/
tweakmb add+ crusade and cihads mod need bro :sad:
ı pay u please
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