TweakMB (With Fire & Sword support!) [v5.09; updated 12.29.13]

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TweakMB: A Mount & Blade Tweaking Utility

Mount & Blade tweaking made easy!  TweakMB provides an easy-to-use interface for activating and modifying gameplay tweaks in Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: Warband, and Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword.  This includes things such as modifying tournament bet amounts, village improvement build times, party sizes, and much more (see below for a complete list).  You can make as many modifications as you want within the program, then save all of them at the same time.

Using TweakMB is very similar to modifying the module text files manually, but TweakMB automates the entire process (meaning it's much easier and faster to use), and also reduces the chances of user error.  The pre-release versions contain only a limited selection of tweaks, but the number of tweaks supported will continue to increase with future releases.


-----> Download most current version here [M&B Repository]

Extract the downloaded .zip file to any location on your computer, then run "TweakMB.exe".  That's it!

You will need to have the .Net Framework 3.5 installed, so if you don't have it, go grab it from Microsoft's website (

What mods does TweakMB support?
TweakMB will load any mod you throw at it, provided the appropriate text files are present in the folder.  See below for the current list of mods that are explicitly supported.  If a mod is not listed below, you can still load it using TweakMB, but some tweaks may be unavailable depending on the mod.

Mount & Blade
Native 1.011

Mount & Blade: Warband
Native 1.158
Native 1.153
Native 1.152
Native 1.143
1257 AD SVN Rev 65
Brytenwalda 1.38
Brytenwalda 1.39
Diplomacy 4.1
Diplomacy 4.2
Diplomacy 4.3
Floris Mod Pack 2.40
Floris Mod Pack 2.50
Floris 2.54 Basic
Floris 2.54 Gameplay
Floris 2.54 Expanded
Prophesy of Pendor 3.42
Prophesy of Pendor 3.50
Prophesy of Pendor 3.611
Sword of Damocles: Warlords 3.90

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
Native 1.143

What tweaks does TweakMB support?
TweakMB offers several hundred tweaks.  See below for a partial list:

AI Lord Parties (under Parties submenu)
  • Base party size
  • Party size gained per point of leadership
  • Renown needed to increase party size
  • Bonus party size for faction leaders, faction marshalls, and number of castles owned
  • Level modifier for party size
  • Modifier for overall party size

Ammo (arrows, bolts, etc)
  • Modify base ammo amounts for all projectile types

Arena/Tournament bet amounts & other options <-- under Arena/Tournament submenu
  • Tournament betting amounts
  • Renown gained from winning tournament
  • Relation gained with town for winning tournament
  • XP gained for winning tournament
  • Money rewarded at each level in arena melee matches
  • Number of opponents you must defeat for each level in arena melee matches

Assigning Fiefs (relation loss)
  • Modify relation lost when assigning fiefs to other lords (or eliminate the loss completely)
  • Modify relation gained with lord you assigned the fief to

Battle Continuation
  • Allow battles to continue after your player has been knocked out

Cattle behavior
  • Make cattle follow you instead of you pushing them
  • Make cattle move at "mounted" speed (Warband not supported yet)

Companion Management <- under Parties submenu
  • Completely prevent companions from trying to leave
  • Completely disable companion complaints

  • Requirements for starting an enterprise
  • Production details for each type of enterprise
  • Profit/cost modifiers

Escape rates for enemy lords
  • Odds of a lord escaping after a battle
  • How often lords attempt to escape once captured
  • Odds of a lord escaping while in your party or imprisoned in a town/castle

Faction Colors
  • Modify colors for all factions and outlaw groups

Fief Income/Rents
  • Base income for villages, towns, and castles
  • Modify rents to be as high or low as you like

Food consumption
  • How often your party eats
  • How much food your party consumes when eating

  • Modify honor gained/lost from quest-related events
  • Modify honor gained/lost from other events

How Fiefs are Awarded <-- under Towns/Villages submenu
  • Modify how the game determines who gets a fief
  • Modify compensation for not being awarded a fief

Map Size (Battles)
  • Increase/decrease the size of the randomly generated maps for battles

Merchants (Money Available)
  • Modify the amount of money goods merchants have available
  • Modify the amount of money armor merchants have available
  • Modify the amount of money weapons merchants have available
  • Modify the amount of money horse merchants have available

  • Number of hours it takes to read a book
  • Disable stat loss for games over 757 days old
  • Minimum/Maximum mercenaries available in town taverns
  • Length of mercenary contract (both initial and renewed)
  • Minimum amount of time before enemies run away in battle

Party size & morale
  • Disable companion interaction (have as many heroes as you like)
  • Prevent companions from leaving ("We hang deserters in this company")
  • How often you pay your troops
  • Base party size
  • Party size gained per point of leadership
  • Renown needed to increase party size
  • Morale gained per point of leadership
  • Morale lost for each hero in your party
  • Minimum and maximum sizes for bandit parties
  • Maximum number of bandit parties on map
  • Spawn time for bandit parties

Prisoner Management
  • Max prisoners gained per point of leadership
  • How much prisoners are sold for
  • Allow Tavern Keepers to buy prisoners from you
  • Chance of receiving a ransom for a lord
  • How often the game checks for a ransom

Prosperity (general) <-- under Towns/Villages submenu
  • Town prosperity lost while under siege
  • Town prosperity lost when town is taken by enemy forces
  • Prosperity gained from caravans (both villages and towns)

Prosperity (village-specific) <-- under Towns/Villages submenu
  • Prosperity from quests
  • Prosperity lost from being looted or infested with bandits
  • Prosperity gained from farmer trading
  • Prosperity gained from buying/selling goods

  • Add ability to choose quests from menu
  • Repeat intervals for village elder quests
  • Add "Meet with Village Elder" to village menu
  • Whether village elders will offer more quests once a quest is turned down
  • Repeat intervals for guild master quests
  • Add "Meet with Guild Master" to city menu
  • Repeat intervals for lady quests
  • Repeat intervals for lord quests

Recruiting Prisoners (under Prisoners submenu)
  • Amount of time between recruiting prisoners
  • Morale lost when recruiting prisoners
  • Chance of successfully recruiting prisoners

Reinforcements (under Battle Options submenu)
  • Number of reinforcement waves for standard battles, village raids, and sieges
  • Reinforcement troop thresholds for standard battles, village raids, and sieges

  • Modify village reputation gained/lost
  • Modify town reputation gained/lost
  • Modify lady reputation gained/lost
  • Modify lord reputation gained/lost

Right to Rule
  • Modify right to rule gained/lost from various events

Shots before Reloading (crossbows, guns)
  • Modify number of shots you can take before reloading

  • Build time for ladders
  • Build time for siege towers
  • Siege tower movement speed

  • Base attribute associated with each skill (ie, change Persuasion to be based on Charisma instead of Intelligence, etc)
  • Maximum level of each skill (up to level 15)

Tax Inefficiency
  • Number of centers you must own before tax inefficiency comes into effect
  • How tax inefficiency is calculated (ie, reduce it, increase it, or eliminate it)

Tournament Frequency
  • Threshold for adding new tournaments
  • Chance of a town getting a tournament
  • Length of time tournaments will be held

  • Time and money required to construct buildings
  • Number of troops that can be recruited from a village
  • Relation required to recruit higher tiers of troops
  • Chances of successfully recruiting higher tiers of troops

Troop Wages
  • Change modifiers for base wage, mounted, and mercenary troops
  • Change wage modifiers for companions/heroes
  • Change wage modifiers for garrisoned troops
  • Change reduction in wages per leadership point

Village Bandit Infestations (under Towns/Villages submenu)
  • How often villages become infested with bandits
  • Number of bandits spawned during bandit infestation battles
  • Number of farmers spawned during bandit infestation battles

Village Improvement Effects (under Towns/Villages submenu)
  • Mills - Initial prosperity gained and permanent prosperity gained
  • Schools - Relation gained and how often the relation gain is applied
  • Watch Towers - Spotting distance and effect on village loot times

Screenshots (these are pretty out of date!)
Arena/Tournament tweaks
Enemy Lord Escape Rate tweaks
Bandit Parties tweaks
Mayor Quests tweaks
Village Improvement tweaks
Troop Recruitment tweaks

Change History

5.09 (12.29.13)
  • Support added for Native 1.158

5.08 (05.14.13)
  • Support added for Prophesy of Pendor 3.611

5.07 (11.23.12)
  • Support added for Diplomacy 4.3
  • Support added for Floris 2.54 Basic
  • Support added for Floris 2.54 Gameplay
  • Support added for Floris 2.54 Expanded

5.06 (07.08.12)
  • Support added for Prophecy of Pendor 3.5

5.05 (06.22.12)
  • Support added for Native 1.153
  • "Choose quest from menu" tweak updated to handle mercenary contracts correctly

5.04 (05.08.12)
  • Support added for Native 1.152
  • New database connection method - this will hopefully fix the database connection issues some people were having

5.03 (02.05.12)
  • Support added for Floris 2.50
  • New tweaks added - Misc Battle Options
    • Max possible renown per battle
    • Renown gained per battle
    • XP gained per battle
    • Gold gained per battle
  • New tweaks added - Resting
    • Max consecutive resting hours (camping and resting in towns/villages)
    • Speed multiplier while resting
    • Whether you can be attacked while resting
    • Cost of resting in a town
  • Merchant tweaks should be working in PoP 3.42
  • More detailed error messages for database issues
  • Other minor fixes/updates

5.02 (01.24.12)
  • Support added for Native Expansion .586
  • Support added for Brytenwalda 1.39

5.01 (12.27.11)
  • Support added for 1257 AD SVN Rev 65
  • Support added for Diplomacy 4.2

5.0 (12.04.11)
  • Major version release.  Too many changes to list here.

4.061 (08.25.11)
  • Crashing issues with Brytenwalda 1.35 and 1.36 should hopefully be fixed (note: if you already used the previous version of TweakMB to modify your Brytenwalda files, you will need to restore your original, unmodified Brytenwalda text files from your "TweakMB backups" folder and then reapply your tweaks, otherwise the game will continue to crash!)

4.06 (08.24.11)
  • Added support for Brytenwalda 1.335 and 1.36
  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes

4.05 (08.08.11)
  • Finished adding support for WF&S 1.143 (added a new section for WF&S buildings too!)
  • Added support for Prophecy of Pendor 3.41

4.04 (08.03.11)
  • Added partial support for WF&S 1.143 (some sections still haven't been updated, but many have)

4.03 (08.01.11)
  • This is primarily a fix (hopefully!) for the "overlapping panels" issue some people were experiencing
  • You may see some other half-updated things, as part of the next "real" release is already in the program (sorry, it's kinda ugly right now!)
  • Battle continuation for Warband 1.143 has been updated and should work more cleanly now
  • The defaults listed in the tweak descriptions are being updated to include default values for both Warband and WF&S

4.02 (07.31.11)
  • Compatibility update for Warband 1.143. An update for WF&S will be coming soon.

4.01 (05.09.11)
  • Added new tweaks for changing number of shots before reloading for crossbows and guns (under Battle Options submenu)
  • Enabled WF&S tweaks for food consumption, mercenary contracts, prisoner recruit interval
  • Updated WF&S battle continuation to work with wagon fort battles (I think...)
  • Updated faction names on faction color tweaks to reflect WF&S names

4.00 (05.04.11)
  • Added very limited support for With Fire & Sword.  Most WF&S tweaks will be disabled until the module system is released, but a few tweaks do work.
  • New system for updating ammo amounts.  Items will be read dynamically from item_kinds1.txt and populated into a data grid for modification.
Awesome! This has saved me alot of time from going through files and editing them myself! Suggestion is it possible to add something to change the amount of money, or renown that you get from finishing a quest?
Moore_Boy said:
Awesome! This has saved me alot of time from going through files and editing them myself! Suggestion is it possible to add something to change the amount of money, or renown that you get from finishing a quest?

I'm glad you like it  :grin:  It's certainly possible to add those tweaks, but it probably won't be added for quite a while simply due to the huge amount of time it would take.  Every part of every quest has completely separate values for money, experience, reputation, etc.  Adding reputation, for example, is relatively easy since the reputation value for each quest is always preceded by the same thing in the text file.  On the other hand, money and experience are a bit more difficult, simply because they're not always concrete values (ie, the amount can differ depending on how many cattle you delivered, how many troops you trained, etc).

Nonetheless, I'll probably get it added at some point, but don't hold your breath for the time being  :mrgreen:
Add an option to enter and remember custom tweaks in the form of
<tweak begin>
replace <string1> in <file1> with <string11>
replace <string2> in <file2> with <string22>
<tweak end>

for future use and easy adding of new ones.

EDIT: btw, you can easily add custom variables into such custom tweaks, so that people not go inside actual strings for the second time (trying to recall what was that particular place inside the string) if they want to change one particular number

And make those tweaks exportable so that people can share and aggregate those is an obvious further development :smile:
A new release was uploaded today.  A couple of new tweaks are now supported, including two of my favorites (adding the "Meet with village elder/guild master" options to the menus).

The next release will focus on adding Warband support!

0.2 (03.28.10)
- Added icons to the Load and Save buttons
- Changed "Mayor Quests" to "Guild Master Quests"

The following tweaks are now supported:
  • Max prisoners gained per point of leadership
  • How much prisoners are sold for
  • Allow Tavern Keepers to buy prisoners from you
  • Add "Meet with Village Elder" to village menu
  • Add "Meet with Guild Master" to city menu
How does this work with Muffins?

I've noted that some of the old script.txt changes still work but others don't.

Edit re-reading the topic and my own thread I realise that this tool does indeed support.."muffins".

That is quite honestly the least amusing april fools joke i've come across to date.
Any chance of adding an option to remove companion interaction? (So we can have any combination we want to without the constant threat of them leaving..)

Good app by the way. Thanks for the effort.
Glyth said:
think you can add reputation tweaks for lords and stuff to it for warband?

I think that can definitely be done.  However, it may be a while, simply due to the number of ways you can earn reputation with lords (mainly the sheer number of quests).  It's actually something I'm working on right now!
Stylus said:
Any chance of adding an option to remove companion interaction? (So we can have any combination we want to without the constant threat of them leaving..)

It will be in the next release  :mrgreen:
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