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tweaking attribute/proficiency points gained when increasing levels

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I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere - it's not so much a modding but a tweaking question (I did try doing a search for it, but couldn't quite phrase it in such a way as to return relevant message threads).

I would like to make a small change to increase the both the attribute and proficiency points given when gaining a level. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?

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Code Pope
It's pretty much hardcoded. You could, however, easily make a trigger that fires up a menu whenever the player reaches a new level, asking him/her to distribute a new point.


Grandmaster Knight
in constants.py

slot_troop_level = X

in scripts.py

  # script_update_troop_level
   (try_for_range, ":troop", "trp_player", "trp_relative_of_merchants_end"),
	 (troop_set_slot, ":troop", slot_troop_level, ":troop_level"),
and at the first script:

(call_script, "script_update_troop_level"),

at simple_trigers.py

(try_for_range, ":troop", "trp_player", "trp_relative_of_merchants_end"),
  (troop_get_slot,":troop_level",":troop", slot_troop_level),
  (store_sub, ":val", ":troop_new_level", ":troop_level"),
  (store_mul, ":att", ":val", 4),#4 additional att points per level
  (store_mul, ":skl", ":val", 1),#1 additional skill point per level
  (store_mul, ":wp", ":val", 10),#10 additional weapon proficience points per level
#  (troop_add_attribute_points, ":troop", ":att"), #that operation doesnt exist, need to find the correct one
#  (troop_add_skill_points, ":troop", ":skl"), #that operation doesnt exist, need to find the correct one
  (troop_add_proficiency_points, ":troop", ":wp"),
(call_script, "script_update_troop_level"),

not tested yet
it does that for every troop, not just for the player
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