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First off, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Please direct me if I did wrong.

Here's the thing: I try to tweak the quests for my game (Warband withDiplomacy Mod v1.4), I tried to use the famous 82 tweaks for M&B, but the quests tweaks there don't work, the codes inside the conversation.txt are not the same, I tried to adapt and modify stuff inside it but it just messed with my game and now the game doesn't open (I did backup so it's ok)
The TweakMB program doesn't help either, since the quests options are all greyed out inside, i cannot modify it.

What I would like to either be able to allow Guild Masters, Village Elders, Lords, etc... to give me immediately a new quest if I turn down the one they give me.
Or even better, to be able to choose directly the quests avalaible and pick the one I want from the list.

Is there a way to do this with Warband 1.174 and Diplomacy by modifying the files inside the module folder ?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share the knowledge.
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