[TWC] Group Stage Week 3

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Gibby Jr

Coco_Ayala said:
Gibby, remove this 12-0 for Snappers now and let us play today. Don't be a child and don't try to rig the tournament. We tried to plan the match with Snappers, I asked them several times during the last week and everytime, they answered "no". So if they aren't willing to make this match happen, then they don't deserve to get the default win either.
Moreover, you said we could play til yesterday but we couldn't make it happen yesterday. Also, we did native on monday so...
If you put the deadline date for yesterday instead of today, then you're giving Snappers the default win for no reason even though we can play today, we just couldn't yesterday.
Or maybe you're just acting in their favor, in which case this isn't fairplay at all anymore and it just becomes a rigged tournament.

You were given time to organise your match, even given multiple days extension, and you failed to do so. That doesn't reflect on the admin team at all. Your inability to gather your players for a 30 minute match is the only reason you lost by default.

The knockout stage can be viewed here - https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,389921.0.html
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