TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

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Nah, I've got s i k rank and I need this for my ego. I am a sad little boy who needs this rank in my life so I can gloat to the 2 people I know who have heard of this game before.
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imagine calling people noobs while dogding every single match you meet them
I didn't dodge even a single match. Also i didn't meet you in game after ranked update. Nice spreading random nonsense while you not even sure what are you talking about.
As @Faranox qouted, you can expect to see resets of player ranks in the future. Won't happen with the today's hotfix though.
I really hope they give us badge progression back. It takes so much time for some of those goals
We will restore your statistics. Your new match statistics will be merged with the ones you had at the time of the reset so no progression will be lost.
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