TW are you really banning people based on the reports?

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Yes, warband did have a thriving private server community with competent and lots of admins - but almost any time past... i think it might have been the first year after release - you barely ever saw anybody playing on official servers, because, they were all on these private servers with admins.~
But we do not yet have private servers. We only have a few official ones and a matchmaking system.

And until we do have those private servers where the admins and/or owners can set any rules they want, and i can't do anything about it - i desire to do what everybody else here is entitled and (hopefully) encouraged to do and express their opinions to TW in an effort to shape the direction the game will go in.
The direction i desire to see the game go in is one where people don't get banned for what they say or banned for exploiting game mechanics or map flaws, or banned for extending the round to the round timer limit.

Until we get private servers, well, we can ban all the ****ing morons who decide to ruin the game experience of everyone every ****ing game. Like there are more and more trolls in Bannerlord because they saw how useless the report system is and saw that they risk nothing when teamkilling, crashing servers, or glitching. Wow, 15-minute ban, that's the time to find a match anyways so they literally have 0 ****ing punishment. And given the speed of the MP updates, it will still be the same in a year because TW is too stubborn to notice that private servers would only do good to their game. But nah, they want to control everything, but by doing that they control nothing at all. It used to be one troll every two games, now it's one troll every game and two trolls every two games, that's how useless the report system currently is. Once again, TW killing its own game by doing absolutely nothing.

I am not even sure how their logs system work; they have absolutely no way to see if someone glitches unless they record every game (which i highly doubt because we would already have a replay system).


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Alright, well let's say you're right and you've got someone ruining the match every single game. So what is skirmish, 6v6? So that's 1 in 12 people.
Captain is smaller, right?
So, hypothetically, this issue would be solved by banning 8.3% of the current playerbase?
More if you're in captain mode, i imagine?

I agree on that i think TW killing the game, but they are killing it through a lack of custom and private servers, NOT through lack of a banwave.
They are enabling map exploits by having exploitable maps and not yet releasing tools to allow people to fix those exploits.
They are enabling trolls that can't be dealt with easily through a matchmaking system instead of the old hop in-hop out server gameplay.
And the fact that the multiplayer base seems so small that it takes you 15 minutes to get a match with only a few other players, and what you desire more than fixing the issues that some of the few remaining ones are exploiting, is to instead have people banned for exploiting them is just as baffling to me as i'm sure my position is to you.


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Personally, I'm completely against the multiplayer. I got tired of being called noob because I wasn't as good as I was supposed to be, whatever the average in the rubric is, I apparently fell short of it. So I don't play it anymore. However, I don't much care about it anyway. I want them to fix the single-player stuff first and do the multi-player crap later. Since to me, it is in essence, ****. The fact that it is filled with enough unfriendly assholes to harass me enough to no longer be interested in just three short days, 15-20 matches or so altogether, tells me it should be relegated to the wayside until single player is fixed properly since you assholes aren't grateful anyway.

It's just lucky for me I find the multi-player to be a side-show to the campaign, which is what the game should be mostly about anyway. Otherwise I would be quitting the game altogether. People just ****ing suck in general but goddamned, BL 2's multiplayer population are right ****s on average at best.
A great deal of the people you are playing against have 2000-3000-4000 hours in a game with similar mechanics before they came to BL. You do not need to be so hard on yourself if you cannot beat these individuals without at least 1000+ multiplayer hours in experience. Even if you are the most talented player who ever picked up a M&B game, you are still going to be worse than some tryhard from Warband who no-lifed on a duel server for 5000+ hours until you get at least 1000 hours of practice.

Stop being so hard on yourself and develop a more confident and competitive mindset. Come play with some lads in certain competitive communities and you will find that the toxicity is just how Warband players say howdy, and that most of these keyboard badasses are cuddly little teddybears. Sad!

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Good Morning! I've been living the problem for a year now. Although I think you're one of the toxic ones, it doesn't matter. I already contacted some devs about auto-kick/ban systems based on teamhit detection earlier, This was the reply "We don't have a auto-kick system for now but it is in our internal meetings, hopefully, will be added", I don't know when they might implement it but probably not soon enough. Otherwise, communication abuse = Report and mute. Glitching = Same glitches were there since closed beta a year ago, I don't even think they're there by "mistake". I'm sure quite a few of them are put there on purpose, to let players "explore"? Maybe. That's really on them, don't care what the "knights" say here. Not fixing them and going after the people who use them to their benefit is a stupid way to handle the problem and TW can't manage the amount of work that will go towards going after them. The game had a glaring problem about teamhit prevention and moderation up until now, with the kind of people who think they are helping TW when they try to suppress the problems stated on forums, it'll take much longer than we think. For private servers, I don't think they will allow those until launch but that's just my opinion.