[TUTORIAL(sort of..)] Skyboxes.txt partially explained

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Hi all
I got pissed off with Warband sun settings and ridiculous angles (sun almost at zenith at noon, almost at horizon during evenings...).
So I checked skyboxes.txt and tested few things (just few minutes of testing, really) - to find out what I need to change t have better skies.
I don't know anything about some numbers in this file, but what I found will be enough to tweak skyboxes.
There was probably topic about this some time ago, but whatever - I'll try to make new skyboxes/reuse old ones at some point.
Here is explanation:


Download the module system, it has the module_data python files including skyboxes...

With the nice comment:
# mesh_name, flags, sun_heading, sun_altitude, flare_strength, postfx, sun_color, hemi_color, ambient_color, (fog_start, fog_color),

and the sunny line:
("skybox_clearday", sf_day|sf_clouds_0, 179.0, 80.0, 0.95, "pfx_sunny", (0.99*1.32,0.99*1.21,0.99*1.0:cool:, (0.0, 0.0, 0.0), (0.96*16.0/255,0.96*23.5/255,0.96*44.5/255), (300, 0xFF8CA2AD)),
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