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I was thinking about how can improve my combat skills like most of you. Then practiced a lot in training on my own. I realized some tactics and wanted to share with you one of these that can be most helpful.
First of all, as you all know this game was created with realistic game features with it's own game engine, the sword's weight, the time you release the sword and it meets the opponent's body determines the damage you gave etc. What I will say is related with these features, so first you have to know fundamentals exactly.
Combat is so extremely different from Warband, you can combine your attacks with swinging your weapon, but how?
- After you release the sword after 45 degrees of angle (approximately, you have to feel when it is ready) it will be the most fatal attack you can gave. If you click the attack button from reversing the mouse from opposite side ( if you first release from right side, second one should be from left side) ( you can also do that from upper side to both edges) when sword is around 45 degrees( a little bit more) your character will perform an attack( like a fake one) and will hit your opponent by turning his sword from his head and will mislead your opponent.
I don't know it can ease the single player campaign but in multiplayer side, it will ease so much more in early play, believe me nobody expected a fake attack from your head rounding your sword with strange animation (You can see from trailers). At this period, most of players try to learn basics.
Keep up practicing warriors, See you in the field. ⚔️
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It's not a fake attack, it's supposed to be a combo attack, if you press the attack button at the right time the combo attack is supposed to come out faster than attacking regularly. In reality it's not much faster if at all.


It is obvious that even if the name is not Fake Attack, it makes people deceive. In my opinion knowing this mechanic in early play can be helpful for most of players because %90 of players do not know that. Thank you for your opinion though.

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The combat definitely feels more fluid compared to Warband, I'm really enjoying it so far as a predominantly 2H user.

The combo attacks along with kick and hilt bash definitely give you an edge against AI anyway.
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