Turn 8 : Complete : ROCK Engagements and Scheduling

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Engagement summary and scheduling information for Turn 8.

General information and reminders:
  • Please, make sure you have the latest version of the module: Link.
  • Pending scene updates for the engagement
  • Hosting party: make sure to set up the server according to the guidelines
  • Please, post the agreed upon time, date and server here or via PM to a ROCK admin.
  • After the match, don't forget to report the final casualties (TDM scores) for both sides! Screenshots work best

Engagement location:I-11(Jelbegi Castle)
ArmiesBalion 2aGK Rebel Garrison Troops
Troop TypesLoyalist Tier2Garrison Troops

Date and time: TBA
Server: Balion War Room

Deadline (last day) for the engagement to be played: Monday, March 5th.


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Sunday is definetly better. Go ahead and make it for 9:15 and if enough can't make it we'll take an autoresolve.
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