Trying to appease the Khuzaits

Currently viewing this thread: they leave my Caravans alone. I went in to take out some roaming bandits and found a hideout, I destroyed the hideout thinking now they will like me.

And then my royal ******* declares war on the Khuzait and im stuck in enemy territory.

I met the Khuzait Field Army early, while they still gathering Lords and thought perhaps I should do a hit and run, to slow them down. For our Armies to gather and then I get this battle map


How am I going to do hit and run on Khuzai! Monchug brought 101 horse archers, I think my entire army was about 100+ man

What was I thinking 😅

This battle was so frustrating but I fought it. Thinking that not all battles happen on perfect ground and perfect visibility and perfect weather etc. So it gave me some satisfaction, despite being quickly surrounded by Monchugs forces and fighting back to back with my men, "until our last drop of blood" I would never said that, this was all a misunderstanding.
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