Truces and Influence

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I've been recently reaching the late game with my newly created kingdom. Observed the same problems as many YouTubers and people here on the forum. There is a point of your existence as a kingdom when it started to be unbearable to withstand all the attacks and defend your kingdom accurately. This has become hopeless at some point and the game has become meaningless from this moment on. Your enemies start to farm recruits and more and more factions want to take a piece of the pie.

I just wonder if there is an option to somehow generate truces that either do not kill our economy (tributes) or bleeds out the country entirely. I have a couple suggestions that may help in solving this issue:

1st) If attacked - we could use the influence points to extend the peace in our kingdom spending them on the tribute screen the same way we spent money. It would work similarly to opposing the urge for war from our own vassals. I know those points usually work within our own kingdom but in this exceptional case may be the ruler's alternative to spending money.
2nd) Let us imagine we have already been in a war with someone. We pay tribute to the faction (either in gold or in influence points). This might be very profitable for the faction we wanted to peace out (money). Same time other factions want to attack us. Could be an informal alliance, so whenever we are attacked then the attacker goes to war with the other faction? That might be a big factor in choosing money over influence points.

What do you think guys?
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