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Hello community. First of all love the game and I've been playing it solo mode for quite some time. I've decided to give multiplayer a go but unfortunately it seem my battle eye is not working. I'm not that advanced in PC and english isn't my first language but basically I've tried to google it but haven't had any luck.
This is the problem i'm having
23:40:44: Installing BattlEye Service...
23:40:47: Failed to install BattlEye Service (4, 5).
If someone could help me with it or provide me with a link which could help me, it would be highly appreciated
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Hopefully new warrior

PS. I have gone to game directory and found battle eye and tried to install it from there but still get the error
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Can you by any chance run the battleye uninstaller? Could work.

If that doesn't work you can try removing everything named Battleye from your computer.


Welcome to multiplayer, i hope you enjoy it once you get it working. You're probably better off posting this in the bug reporting section of this forum. Good luck!


Battle eye bad, probably better to look on more generalized forums for battle eye rather than BL specifically. Tons of issues with Battle eye across every game in which it is implemented
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