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So I am having trouble starting my own faction. Every time I try, as soon as a capture a city or castle, the lords of faction that used to own it all fly towards me and take me out. Within 5 minutes an army of Lords is on me and I can't do anything. I have tried doing things like attacking different factions (so far Nords and Sarranid, Rhodoks and Vaegirs own 75% of map, Swadia and Khanate almost completely wiped out) and I have tried attacking strong Lords beforehand to get rid of their armies. None of these seem to be working so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.

Currently my army size is about 160 with almost all Rhodoks sergeants and sharpshooter

my right to rule is 51 and my renown is also fairly high

also Rhodokes have almost all of the Swadian land and about half of the Nords land
Vaegris has all of the Khanate land except for 2 castles and some Sarranid land
I have no clue, since I think you need to ask this over in the warband section of the forum somewhere. In M&B, enemies overwhelmingly prefer to attack the weakest city or castle, so if your castle has 100 men and all the others have 200 or so, you become their best target. This is not taking right to rule etc in account, since that doesn't exist in M&B. The AI is a bit strange though, and filling a castle with peasants is just as effective at discouraging assault as filling it with sargeants and sharpshooters, but it's cheaper.
Hmm, I think you might need a higher right to rule. And you since your a new faction the other kings think your a threat.
I have next to no right to rule and I own all Swadian land besides Suno and one castle. I suggest that you just place most of your troops in the place, go recruit more and then go back and wait in the place until they attack.
I would recommend significantly investing into Leadership and Persuasion if you're thinking about making your own kingdom.

Along with this, use Nord Huscarls and Vaegir Sharpshooters/Rhodok Sharpshooters as your main troops for defending.
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