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Welcome to the New Tropical Hell. Come taste the mix of the original server with a flavour of fresh, updated maps along with brand spanking new scripts to make player experience the best it can be! Enjoy the new 100 slot server with DDOS protection ensuring constant round the clock reliability!


Some of the scripts currently Live:

INSTANT Respawn Time

Drivable Mini boats

Widely used B menu

– Consisting of fully customizable player skins, with the ability to save and load them!
– Instruments: Play an instrument as any rank!
– Animations: Large animation selection with add ons from native!
– Toggle clothes on or off
– Cosmetics (Admins and donators only): Burning Head/fire sparks/smoke head/burning head 2!

All new WHISPER chat, having the ability to speak securely with other players!

Ze treasure chests spawn Holy Hand Grenades instead of the boring old fire bottles!

Local chat to speak to other players and friends nearby Only!

Coloured text & Prefixes for Donators and also for the Top 3 players at the end of each month from the Tropical Hell Leaderboard who gets colour text as a prize for 1 month!

➼ Automatic maximum 5 TNT punishment to ensure players behave themselves when admins aren't around!

Admin whitelist
for security purposes!

Original Tropical Hell maps brought back to life thanks to yours truly!

Feel free to message me on steam for any queries you have!
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