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Suggestion,to make it so you cannot recruit or upgrade troops from another culture from tier 4 and up.
Meaning you can only field tier 4+ troops from your own culture UNLESS, you are a vassal of the kingdom you are recruting/upgrading from..

Example: you choose, Vlandian culture in the beginning, you then cannot recruit Battanian troops above tier 3, and you cannot Upgrade Battanian, (or any otther cultures troops above tier 3, unless of course they are Vlandian.
I always found it wierd, that i could as a Vlandian, field an entire army up Battanian FIan Champions, in a war against Battania.

I see no problem in Choosing Vlandian culture at the start, and fielding Battania Fian Champions, but then you should be a Vassal of Battania.

The only way you should be able to field tier 4+ troops from another culture (Using Battania below as example) is:

1: You have Chosen Battania as Culture and your clan is not at war with Battania.
2: You are a Vassal of Battania
3: You are a mercenary of Battania, and when you leave the mercenary contract, all Battanian troops, above tier 3, leave your army.

Thank you for a great game. :smile:
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