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troops also retire from being in the garrison

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The Great Grub

all of my castles and cities are loosing a lot of men due to retirement its at -8 each day and even with all the buildings that increase this its still at -1 per day everything else is fine my foods fine the prosperity is fine but still loosing troops which is really annoying


Yeah, i've got a similar problem, food is -1 per day, all buildings are max and i'm on peace since a long time. Only 100 guys in garrison on 450 max... That's boring. I can't build a 450 men garrison. Impossible.


Sergeant Knight
True, there are some mods that help with this though. Try tweakerlord, it increases both the max food capacity as the possible food production.

Be warned though, only a stable economy in combination with a larger storage can provide you an actual permanent solution. Increasing production is a temporary fix but will stop having effect with higher prosperity. As the bonus in production doesn't scale with prosperity.

Also this will increase the general amount of militia and garisson in the average town/castle. I do like this part. Though increasing food stock should also have this effect in locations where the economy is stable. Having a more realistic effect and still making economic sabotage a viable option.
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