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Troop Refinement

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Hi all

are you like me tired of unfinished troops (stats, armor, equipment, style etc.) and the annoying quick fixes from Taleworlds? Well then lets get ahead of them by listing our suggestions.

first of all, i think the troops should be diverse from faction to faction, not all faction should have all types and noble units should be more faction specific.

i will start the thread with this small intro of my thoughts, and not make an entire rant about how i see everything, i only hope to start a 🧵 for suggestions.

Battania and sturgia should have the best melee units when it comes to Atletics, 1H/2H skills, and use Swords and Axes. Have throwing axes and the only ones besides aserai(see later) who have quiver/stack with more than one, as others only have a single throwing spear. Battania should still have best T6 archers…. sturgia superior 2H infantry melee T6 and not knights?.

Empires should have the best Armored units, and have a more diverse/versatile troop tree than the other factions(like both xbow and bow, horsearchers). Should Legionnaires have a party speed bonus ?.

Vlandia should have the only knights with couching lances all others should use normal 1H/2H polearms, like empire their knights armours should be superior. Melee units should use pikes and Maces.

khuzait should have the best horsearchers T5 and 6(bow skill and riding) (only ones with horsearchers besides Empire ?) and have the worst melee units (skill stats and armour) and ranged bow should be in the middle of the pack. Khans guard should be the only ones with really heavy armor, and be superior horsearchers and only have T5 polearm skill and not T6 knight skills. Should they have a shield so glaive are not that superior ?

Aserai T6 knights/Skirmishes should have best riding skill(as khuzait) and javelins, and have Falx and shields. Should they be the only javelin throwers on horse ?. And should Aserai be the only ones with javelins at all, and the other faction only have throwing spears and axes ?

well lets hear your thought.
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They're not quick fixes... they're adjustments based on early access user experience and feedback.

And besides... factions can have what ever they want. If TW want Kuzaits to have the best crossbowmen then that's on them. They created the cultures.

*second the modding suggestion*

Oh god. I've become that annoying person on the forum who hates on everyone.



Hmm my reasons for this 🧵 was not to make a mod as how I see the units, but thought many more than me was not satisfied about the vanilla troops build, guess i stand corrected, point taken.👍
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