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Troop quarters in spear on the back out plz!

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This is killing immersion for me. I have to carry all my troops with me all the time. This causes a serious headache when trying to clear smaller parties or hideouts. It's also not realistic at all. The game still hasn't achieved the realism that VC dlc had. I don't know about others but I play mount and blade for its realism.
Another issue is spear carrying troops. I have never seen any where in any historical source someone carries a long spear or lance on his back. A spear is long and impossible to carry on the back. It's not an AK47 in a shooter game. Please fix this. I underestand that you implement this for the sake of gameplay but it creates more problems. I see horseman use shortswords while cayying a huge spear on their backs. This needs to be addressed. Spearmen should drop their spears when in close quarters and then pick them up after the skirmish is over just like archers pick up arrows.
Please make the game more realistic. I am 10 years older than when I fell in love with MB for its realism.
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