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So between early and mid stages of 1.5.9 up until the current patch, i have noticed a change in how troops are distributed their equipment.

in all prior versions of bannerlord up until 1.5.9 then troops equipment were giving to them, depending on their equipment sets.
In other words, if i gave a modded troop 10 different equipment sets, and i only added a helmet to 1 of the equipment sets, then 10 percent of the troops would wear a helmet, while the remaining 90% would not wear a helmet.

Troop: imperial recruit
5/10 sets have added spears. Then 50% would be wielding a spear
2/10 sets have added swords. Then 20% of be wielding a sword.
3/10 sets have added axes. Then the remaining 30% of the modded troop should wield axes.
9/10 sets would have distributed various tunics, which would give 90 percent of the modded troop tunics
1/10 sets wear a chainmail. Which would make the remaining of the 10 percent of the modded troop wear a chainmail armor.

It worked the same way with any other kind of equipment.

however, during mid developement of 1.5.9 then equipment sets are not distributed in the same way anymore.
Now it is all a huge mess, there is absolutely no system in how the troops are getting distributed their equipment

I have tried a million ways to figure out this algorithmn, but i can't for the life figure out why it does this.
i have tried varifying my game, reinstalling the game, even redone all my troops.

Is it an intended feature?
Or is it a current bug?

Personally i hate if this is an intended feature.
It has ruined all my modded troops.


So apparently distribution of equipment sets all goes down into which id name a troop has.

For an example
if we use the troop, the sturgian Varyag.
And instead change the troop id from varyag to varyag_tier_1
Then all the troops would not wear helmets

However if i change the id to varyag_tier_2 then a portion of the troops would wear a helmet.

However it is not all helmets which were being distributed.

I gave my varyag three different helmets in the eqiupment sets, but only two of the three helmets would be activated by using this troop id
(( varyag_tier_2 )).

So i tried something else, instead of adding ''tier'' into the id name, i changed the troop id into ''varyag_2''

Now what happened here was, that now all my varyags would be using the third helmet, but none of the two other helmets, which was active, when i used the id ''varyag_tier_2''

So definitely midways 1.5.9 the devs did something to how troops receive their gear.

It makes absolutely no sense now to make 6+ different equipment sets for troops, because no matter what, then because of how the new algorythm works in distributing gear, then it is now impossible for a troop to recieve more than two to three different equipment sets.
And trying to figure out which id will work best for you is a pain in the ass.

When i create troops, i like to have atleast 5 different equipment sets for every individual troop i make.
And then distribute weapons as such, so that in lower tier troops that only 15-20 percent of the troop would be wielding a sword
While the rest would have a mix of axes and spears mostly.

But that is completely impossible now, due to the new algorythm.
Because the troop can never be created the way of how a modder wants to design his troops anymore.

If you use a wrong id for the troop. Then it doesnt matter if you give axes to 5/6 to the equipment sets you are making for your troop,
And then the last 1/6 of the equipment sets was giving a sword.
Using a wrong id for the troop, can have all your troops wielding the sword, and no one will have a axe.
And as said before, it is now impossible to in fact control how your modded troops will be.
Because the distribution in gearsets can no longer be controlled by the modder.

Of course modders are still able to customize their troops, but we can no longer go into every detail when giving the troops the equipments.
It's like a cap, and we are now capped to ''pre-made'' equipment sets

I urgently suggest that this issue will be brought up to debate, so that perhaps devs will take a notice.
and change whatever they did to how distribution of equipmentsets works.
back to how it worked prior to the 1.5.9 update

Some of you might not understand what kind of issue this actually is.
Others might not care.
But as a modder myself who have spent already way over 2000 hours working on a fantastic total convertion overhaul mod for this game, then this 'minor' thing the devs have done, is a real serious issue.

I refuse to finish my mod, if this is not changed back to how it was.
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