Troop bonus and vassal hiring

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My suggestion would be on battle bonuses what made more realistic battles. The idea is that every factions has it own land and when they fight on their own field they get damage bonus because they know better how to fight "at home". For example the sturgian soldiers earn more damage on up their snowy homeland, the aserai on the desert, the khuzait on the steppes because they more familiar with the territory. That would be specialized for the troops so if I would go attack the aserai on their lands with my empire and battianian mixed army it would be a bit harder to get territories if their parties full of aserai soldiers. That would be help factions to defend their own territories and make harder to expand on the map.

On the Vassal hiring idea:
So basically if you develop your charisma and maintain a good relatonship with the lords sooner or later you can convert them all into your faction. That would be nice if you cannot convert some lords at all because he maintain an outstanding realationship with his faction leader (for example 80+ and also the lord has the ability of loyalty) but this also requires to modify generally on the earnings of relationship points. Or can be an other thing that prevent you to convert all lords into your faction so you need some tactics to completly eliminate factions.

Good work!
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