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We alwas need much balancing at the troops:

The battle yesterday, where I fought for Beron against Ballista, was like a bad joke.
The Angle infantry have bashed the forces of murtagh and ballista, just with a few losses and I attacked up a very steep mountain!!

We made another battle on a map where he could use his cav. because the first was just crap, they could do what they want but they didnt had any chance to kill more than 15 of my troops.
so at the second battle both attacked me with cav, from two directions!, on plain ground.
I just had a few losses and all their forces was killed.
And as I just attacked with my troops without any tactic, it happened the same.

After the battle we made a test: I just tooked archers and both of them cavalry.... I had just 15-25 losses, and all his cavalry was killed, most of them was killed in meele!!......

And now I ask you...

My Suggestion is, give them Briton a better Infantry unit, I dont know the britons troops really good, but you should give them Uchelwr, or some other heavy inf and maybe teulu/equite as special troop, like denas for east engla.


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Eafa, you have double money that you enemies yesterday. This test isnt valid, mate, sorry.

You can ask to Thorgil, we did test today, and only Gesith cav need a minor ajust.


thanx a lot for your post Eafa, we the britons appreciate it very much!
i did a lot of tests with Idibil yesterday and we discovered some interesting things.
Idibil will rework some things also.
thanx for your fairness again Eafa!

Thorgil aka Arthur
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